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We’re convinced that Christian von Koenigsegg is from another planet, if not that then he’s channelling the future. The innovations and technologies that have come about thanks to the pioneering work in designing and creating his Koenigsegg cars are amazing. I remember when the CCX was released, the wheels were attached to the car using hubs created from modified helicopter rotor mounts, that’s not thinking outside the box, that’s a box in a different area code. The all-new Gemera is a combination of all the best technologies in previous Koenigsegg cars, along with some new ones that have this car on a whole other level. In recent years the fastest of the fast cars have been labelled as hypercars because they surpass supercars in so many ways, but now the car has been raised so high that von Koenigsegg has called it a megacar. What else would you expect though? The Gemera is a 4-seater, and while the performance figures have yet to be released, it's guaranteed to be the fastest 4-seater, ever. Of course, that’s just a guess, but when the car is claimed to produce an absolutely astonishing 2 300 hp (1 715 kW) with a monstrous 2 750 Nm of torque it’s pretty much local thinking. The car even has some luggage space, rare for anything that can do over 350 km/h. They do call it “carry-on luggage” and that makes sense because this thing will keep up with a Boeing.

The car is as well-appointed as any luxury car; padded memory foam seats, 8 cup holders (4 heated and 4 cooled, entertainment screens with Apple CarPlay for both the front and rear passengers, induction charging, USB charging ports and top-of-the-line 11-speaker audio system. With the power on tap, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was an all-electric affair, but the Gemera is a hybrid, the most powerful ever created. There’s a “conventional” twin-turbocharged V8 called the HV8, and this alone is responsible for a massive 1 500 hp. The extra 800 hp comes from an electric motor that has the awesome title of the Koenigsegg Dark Matter e-motor. This is all mated to Koenigsegg’s Light Speed TourbillonTransmission (LSTT) and all-wheel drive system with 4-wheel torque vectoring that can be powered by either the 800 hp Dark Matter E- motor or the twin-turbo engine. All of this awesomeness doesn’t come cheap, as expected when you’re looking at a car with the Koenigsegg family coat of arms on it. There will only be 300 units produced and they will cost $1 700 000, or in our lame currency, a mere R31 000 000, give or take a few hundred thousand.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the online world premiere of the all-new, stupendously powerful Koenigsegg Gemera. The technology packed into this car is absolutely mind-blowing and is definitive proof that Christian von Koenigsegg is channelling either aliens or someone from the future. The car is so immensely powerful that it may have created an all-new class of car - the Megacar - click to see if you agree: KOENIGSEGG Gemera | Production Version World Premiere | Koenigsegg

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