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Croatian hypercar manufacturer Rimac has been on a little bit of a rampage of late, heading out into the wild with their all-electric Nevera and shattering every motoring record they can find. Just the other day they set a total of 23 speed, acceleration and braking records, setting new standards for electric vehicles and combustion engine-powered cars alike. The thing is, those records can all be attained in a straight line, there’s no cornering involved and so just like the small talk among random guys standing around the drag strip, there were plenty of comments about trying to put all that power down when more driver skill was needed. Then in July the Nevera took home the title of the fastest production car to ever tackle the famed hill at the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed, as well as the fastest electric production car record. So hoofing nearly 2 000 hp around bends can actually be done. Of course, this still drew out naysayers who have issues with FoS being a time-attack-style race with no real laps involved. That brings us to the latest exploits from the Croatian madmen who set their sights on the electric production vehicle lap record at Nürburgring with the new One-of-12 Nevera Time Attack, a Never that’s been optimised for the job of racking up lap records on every racetrack the car attempts some laps on.

In a very clever marketing move, the company announced the newly-claimed Nürburgring lap record on the same day that the limited edition Nevera was unveiled to the public. The Time Attack features bespoke paintwork and an interior finished in a base of black Alcantara, highlighted with accents and contrast stitching in the chosen exterior shade, and each unit also has ‘Time Attack’ stitched onto the seat backs and an engraved ‘Time Attack: 1 of 12’ plaque signifies the car’s uniqueness. The Nevera Time Attack wore Michelin Cup2R tyres for its session on the iconic German circuit and was piloted by Croatian racing driver Martin Kodrić. The result was a new electric production vehicle record of an insanely fast 7:05:298, or a mad 7:00:928 on the shorter version, just so that no one can argue which lap was completed. The video shows all the interesting telemetry you could want to see, some amazing driving and some silly-fast speeds, but with no soundtrack emanating from the powerplant, it’s lacking some pizazz. That’s the way of the future it seems, silent speed. “We had challenging weather conditions during our practice sessions this week and have chosen what seems like one of the hottest days on the track this summer to set a lap time. However, a 7:05:298 lap time at the Nürburgring Nordschleife is commendable. The fact that the Nevera can achieve this kind of speed on track, when it’s been developed to be a comfortable hyper GT for the road, is what makes it so special. It’s such a well-rounded piece of engineering and design; gentle and usable in the city, thrilling to drive on twisting B-roads, comfortable over long distances and devastatingly fast on a race track.” explains Kodrić. Oh, and just an FYI, the car was limited to 350 km/h for the run due to tyre restrictions, and you can see the car hit 355 km/h before the limiter comes into play. The car would clearly close in on 400 km/h without it.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the crew at RIMAC who perfectly documented the company's exploits at the Nürburgring while they secured the electric vehicle lap record with the newly unveiled, limited-edition Nevera Time Attack. It's a great video with all the data and telemetry you could want, but its eerily quiet and makes us feel a little dead inside. It seems speed isn't everything, a hypercar needs a great soundtrack: Bending Physics: Nevera Nürburgring lap record onboard | 7:05.298 on the Nordschleife! | RimacAutomobili

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