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There are countless automotive World Records just waiting to be broken. Some records are quite obscure and were set many years back and thanks to technology and human advances, can be quite easy to break in today’s world. Some records are quite simple and are all about numbers, a certain amount of something is gathered somewhere and counted and if it’s bigger than the last time someone did it, that’s a new record. With cars this simple record can also be quite hard to pull off thanks to the space needed when numbers are quite high, but the actual planning and getting everyone that can contribute to the record to the venue on a set date is like herding kittens. That said, after the whole pandemic people are itching to get out and socialise again and so interesting events like this are easier to pull the numbers to than usual. We’ve attended a few of the bigger events and they were double the size expected, a good sign for those in it for the money.

Another bonus is that car folk stick together, and when those owners are scattered around Europe and they have a chance to assemble in one place, they do it no questions asked. Although obviously a question was asked, to attend and try break the current World Record for the most Mazda MX-5s together. Back in 2013 the record was set in the Netherlands when a total of 683 MX-5s of varying generations were recorded showing why it’s the most popular roadster ever. To break that record and attract as many European MX5s as possible, various attractions were laid out for visitors to partake in, including some track driving on the Autodromo di Modena. It’s also a lot easier to do these things with the automaker on board to help, and Mazda Italy were. These Mazda owners were also lucky enough to engineer Nobuhiro Yamamoto who was the man tasked with the development of the NC and the ND generations of the MX-5.

By 18:00 the MX5s were counted and it was announced that the Dutch record was indeed broken thanks to 707 passionate Mazda owners, official witnessed by a representative from Guinness World Records to make it an official World Record. It took nine years and a pandemic to make it happen and assemble just two-dozen more MX-5s, and with such a high number it looks like it will be a record that sticks around for a few years at least. It must be said that when the local Mazda MK-5 club gathers for a breakfast run they also have great turnouts too, seems these passionate owners are spread worldwide.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing 707 Mazda MX-5s doing a parade lap around Autodromo di Modena in Italy during the Guinness World Record attempt: We broke the Guinness World Record!|MazdaEurope

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