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Take a look at these incredible 11 car world records.

Cars have fascinated people since their infancy and, as people become more daring and as technology is improved over time, car world records get set and then broken!

Here are the 11 greatest car world records ever:

  1. 1) Car Barrel Rolls: In 2017, Jaguar broke the world record for a car barrel roll with their new E-Pace, which successfully landed a barrel roll over 15.3 metres.

  2. 2) Wheelie: Balancing a car on two wheels is downright crazy, but Red Bull pulled this off over an entire 13-mile lap of the Nurburgring.

  3. 3) Highest Drive: No, not like that... Rather, these cars are the highest any car has driven on Earth. This was set by two Unimogs driving up the highest volcano in Chile at an altitude of 6,694 metres above sea level.

  4. 4) Heaviest Car: The Maybach S600 holds the world record for being the heaviest car ever made in its class, weighing in at 5.6 tonnes.

  5. 5) Fastest Car Ski Tow: The fastest anyone has been towed on ski's was by Jaguar again, at 117mph.

  6. 6) World's Smallest Production Car: The smallest production car record goes to the Peel P50.

  7. 7) Highest Car Mileage: The most a car has ever driven in its life is a Volvo, which reached a staggering 3.2 million miles.

  8. 8) Furthest Reverse Jump: This was done in a Chevrolet Aveo that landed a reverse jump of 27.2 metres.

  9. 9) World's fastest lawnmower: The world's fastest lawnmower packs 200hp, goes 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 150mph.

  10. 10) Tightest Parallel Park: The tightest parallel handbrake parking was done in a Fiat 500, with a narrow gap of just 362 cm – just 7.5 cm longer than that of the total car length!

  11. 11) Bow And Arrow Catch: Rather oddly, Skoda broke the world record for the farthest an arrow was caught by someone in a moving car, which was 57.5 metres.

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