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Mate Rimac, CEO of the Rimac Group, said: “At the beginning of the Nevera journey, we ran thousands of virtual simulations and experimented with countless designs before eventually, the time came to create the very first working prototypes. At this time, around 300 people were working in the company, and now as we enter full production, our company has grown five-fold to have over 1,500 colleagues and construction is well underway for our new 100.000 m² Rimac Campus. This is where the Nevera will be made whole, as soon as construction is complete. It’s been a long road, 5 years of development and testing, 3 generations of powertrain technology, 18 prototypes and 45 physical crash tests are out of the way, and with all systems approved and in place, the task of hand-making 50 units a year begins. 

This first one has been finished in Callisto Green and features painted Graphite Vertex wheels and inside the theme is Sand Alcantara - an amazing combination. This was the self-same car that was showcased at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Dubbed as car ‘#000’, this one will stay on as the Bugatti Rimac marketing car. Over and above this model, the first cars destined for delivery are already being assembled, a 5-week process. The world’s first all-electric hypercar’s first-year production run has already been sold out - impressive for a $2 500 000 car. To keep the Nevera customers happy and feeling unique, we find 36 pre-defined paint options, a selection of in-house-designed liveries, three levels of exposed carbon fibre - including a full bare carbon body - and a wide selection of colourful leathers, Alcantara, contrasting accents and metal finishes for the interior. Each of the 150 Neveras completed will be totally unique.

The Rimac Nevera is powered by four electric motors that produce an almighty 1 914 hp that can propel the hypercar to the measured 60 mph mark in just 1.85-seconds while 100 mph pops up in just 4.3-seconds, quicker than the 0-100km/h dash of most supercars. Oh, and that name? A nevera is an unexpected Mediterranean summer storm formed off the coast of Croatia. "As such, the Nevera can transform from a comfortable, adept grand tourer into a pin-sharp performance machine in the blink of an eye." says Rimac.

Take a look at the YouTube video that showcases the new premises for Rimac, as well as some of the build process of the amazing 1 914 hp hypercar: First Production Nevera & New Factory | Rimac Automobili

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