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In the words of my mate Zack: “Taycan is baddest mofarka around!”. He’s not wrong, the electric offering from the Affalterbach automaker is a monster of a thing with all the right curves in all the right places, easily one of the best-looking 4-door sports EVs created to date, and with the top model, the Turbo S that has no turbocharger in play and borrows the name as an identifier that it’s the best in the model designation lineup. Weird, but then when have Porsche model numbers ever made any sense? This top Taycan can hit 100 km/h in a smidgen over 2.0-seconds, it can run a 10.5-second quarter mile and it has a top speed in excess of 260 km/h. It’s got everything going for it, but as with most things in the automotive world, there are ways to make it better. We like this. 

This transformation is basic as far as things like this go. The recipe is simple, add wheels, add a few visual upgrades, so a few things to the interior and then give it a little more power. It’s a recipe that works on everything from a 1976 Mk1 Golf right through to a McLaren 720S, but it has to be done properly or it’s a wasted effort. With older cars it’s much easier, especially when the car in question was popular, there’s a plethora of tried and tested products to upgrade all facets of a car, with new cars you usually need to wait until a few companies have tried and tested some products, but when it comes to Porsche, any model, the chaps at TechArt will be the first to the market, and they will also have the best options - there’s a reason they’re widely regarded as being at the top of the Porsche tuning game. 

The TechArt package for the Taycan includes forged aluminium Formula VI wheels in 22-inches, a high-grade leather and Alcantara interior that’s basically endless in styles and combinations, a carbon front spoiler and splitter, air curtains made of carbon fibre, carbon side skirts with fins, window triangles and side mirror trim in carbon, a multi-part carbon fibre diffuser frame with fins and a diffuser panel, a carbon rear spoiler and TECHART rear lettering made of high-quality, three-dimensionally shaped acrylic glass letters.

Take a look at the YouTube video from when TechArt first released details on the Taycan upgrades, then take a look at the video after that where Daniel Abt from ABT Sportsline fame and his visit to the TechArt head office where shows a bit on one of the already transformed Taycans: Individuality becomes electric. TECHART for the Porsche Taycan | TechArt

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