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It doesn’t matter how much a car is worth or how long it’s specification list is, it can seem perfect in every single way possible yet a new owner will inevitably change something to make it more unique. A million dollar car, owner will change the wheels and fit an aftermarket exhaust, some will do more. When it comes to these cars, the calibre of companies that undertake work on them has to be of the highest levels. You can’t have some inexperienced vinyl applicator snapping badges or scratching paintwork, you need to go to a place with the right experience as well as the right backing so they can actually cover mistakes if they happen. One such place is Carlex Design based in Czechowice-Dziedzice, in the southern side of Poland. We’ve been following their work for years and really should be showing you more. 

Carlex Design says: “Every time we work on a new project, our goal is always crystal clear: to create the greatest piece of art ever made. Our driving force rests on cutting-edge ideas. A design that ravishes and inspires – this is the basis for all our actions. Our experts implement exterior styling packs, developed by our designers, which comprise body kits, rims, exhaust systems, and car body conversion parts. We prepare our products in a relatively short time, starting from concept design, prototyping and preparing tools, to finish with the serial production of elements.”

As you can tell from what you see, the folk at Carlex Design know how, and they know how properly. The level of craftsmanship is second to none, when the company designs a package for a certain car, they go as far as to design a wheel just for said package. “Proper rims give your car a stylish look. We design and manufacture our own alloy wheels that perfectly complement the style of our conversions.” they say. Another trait of Carlex is creating new style badging for the cars, each having a catchy name, and they also add a custom exhaust system. The packages are aimed at the top-rung models, and the pricing reflects it too. As they say, you get what you pay for.

For this here Audi RS Q8, one limited edition package available is called the Racing Green Edition. It’s a basic makeover as far as the work carried out goes, but the quality of the materials used and the workmanship makes for an absolutely epic end result. The car gets a bespoke Racing Green paint colour with the lower section in a deep emerald shade, inspired by British Racing Green, while the upper section is finished in elegant black that perfectly contrast the massive graphite-hued rims. Inside the makeover includes cognac-tinted and black leather and Alcantara embellished with custom seams and motifs. It’s a really good way to personalise your expensive but mass-produced Audi RS Q8, and a quick and easy way to part with a mere R1 056 000 (€62 000). What do you reckon? Give us some feedback on the work versus the price.

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