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Škoda Auto is one of those sorta left-field automakers that most people know about, but know nothing about. If I had to describe the automaker to someone it would be that Škoda Auto is sort of like the Czech equivalent of Spanish automaker SEAT. They’re cousins of sorts thanks to both being part of Volkswagen AG - or VAG for those in the industry. Many cars benefit from this by sharing platforms, parts and, well, everything. Luckily the end products are quite different from each other, and out of all the different cars sharing the Volkswagen parts bin Škoda definitely has the models with the most striking looks, especially that Fabia variant. Being Czech-based means that the cars would mostly be found in the areas of Europe where the sport of rally is rather popular, and so it makes sense for the automaker to have a very active motorsport division that’s capable of creating products that these rally fans would want to own. 

The latest tasty metal that is set to compete in various rally-style events is the Škoda Fabia RS Rally2, a competition car that’s based on the 4th generation Škoda Fabia. Luckily when the automaker is as large and as old as Škoda Auto is, they have extensive resources and experience to make sure that their purpose-built cars are tech-packed, race-ready and very easy on the eyes. In this case, the Rally2 carried over a lot of what was learned from the previous generation car.

“Standing still means going backwards, and this is especially true in motorsport. That’s why, in developing the new Fabia RS Rally2, we applied the experience we gained from the predecessor model and optimised every detail. The aim was to improve the most successful rally car in the world. I’m proud of the entire Škoda Motorsport team who have pursued this goal with great dedication. I would also like to thank our colleagues in Series Development; the fourth-generation FABIA provided us with a perfect basis for the FABIA RS Rally2.“ says Michal Hrabánek, Head of Škoda Motorsport.

Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 is fast, and has a fair bit of race heritage behind it. That said, while the entire automotive group has access to countless engine and transmission setups to choose from, this race-ready little firecracker makes use of a small capacity 1600cc engine that’s breathed on by a turbocharger, and has had work done to the intercooler and exhaust manifold, the resulting tuned power rises to 214 kW from 212 kW, and the optimised gearset in the transmission sees the top speed rise to 202 km/h, up from 187 km/h. You must remember that a street versio of this car will likely have a faster top speed, but in rally that’s never too much of a concern, the power is needed throughout the rev range and so that’s where the car really gets cooking - response and the ability to use the power as effectively as possible. Improvements have been made to the suspension, new-spec of ZF dampers in tarmac and gravel setup provide better traction and stability on all terrains. There’s a stronger rear axle subframe, a special cooling device for the rear the brakes that works with a rear diff protector, and also a modified engine lubrication system that includes a new oil intake and a partition in the lower engine cover, as well as improved lubrication for the turbocharger.

In the cockpit, we find newly arranged steering wheel buttons that can cover up to eight different functions that are easily reached without the driver having to take hands off the steering. Also for safety, Škoda Motorsport developed a new roll over valve for the breathing pipes of the fuel cell that avoids excess pressure in the system during all ambient conditions of a rally. All in all, this new Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 looks set to be just as successful as it’s predecessor in the hard-fought Rally 2 class.

Take a look at the YouTube video: The all-new ŠKODA FABIA RS Rally2. Tough as always, faster than ever | ŠKODA

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