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We’ve noticed a few positives from the whole electric vehicle movement, one of them being the amount of small, independent companies that are trying their hand at creating a car to become one of a growing number of automakers. There have always been small companies that specialize in creating components and products for many of the mainstream automakers, and as a result there are quite a few with the machinery, tools and expertise to create just about every part a modern car needs. Engines and safety were the limiting factors, but with the advances in computer-aided design and breakthroughs in manufacturing materials covering the safety and research and development side of things, it’s much earlier these days. Also, the affordability of electric motors means no longer relying on an engine supplier for a bespoke setup. One of the smaller outfits, Wiesmann, has been in the game since 1988, and they’re the proud creators of the MF3, powered by BMW’s S54 M3 engine which was produced for 18 years, the V8-powered (N/A & twin-turbocharged BMW engines) MF4, and the V10-powered MF5. Well now they’be able to play in the electric vehicle market, ad that’s where Project Thunderball comes in.

Wiesmann was founded in 1988 by brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann, their aim is to create beautifully designed, precision-engineered bespoke driver’s cars. After 6-year hiatus and an ownership change, Wiesmann returns with Project Thunderball - an all-electric roadster that the company calls the world’s first electric. Thunderball will feature a dual-motor drivetrain that’s capable of producing 500 kW (680 hp) with 1 095 Nm of torque, which should be more than adequate to propel the 2-seater roadster to the all-important 100 km/h mark in as little as 2.9-seconds, all while affording the driver a healthy 480 Km (300 miles) range. That said, nailing it to 100 as fast as possible is quite likely to diminish the range. Wiesmann calls Thunderball the world's first all-electric convertible sports car. “This is the culmination of a dream, the result of years of design excellence and engineering brilliance. I truly believe we’ve made not just the world’s most exciting electric sports car, but a car so unique that it will appreciate in value over its lifetime.” says Roheen Berry, the owner of Wiesmann.

Every Wiesmann car is hand-built in Dülmen, Westphalia, Germany. So far there are but 1000 units planned for production, but with bespoke outfits like Wiesmann, those figures can change according to interest and demand. Take a look at the YouTube video that explains the Wiesmann Thunderball in a bit more detail: Wiesmann Project Thunderball EV - First Look | REC Anything

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