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There’s clearly going to be loads of jokes about the new DeLorean and the future and things like that, just like we did with the headline, but can you really blame us? To be fair, when we saw the OG DeLorean in the Back to the Future movies, it was already futuristic-looking and when the car did jump to the future all it needed to be convincing was the ability to fly and have the wheels tuck in underneath. The new DeLorean that we see here does have that futuristic look and feel to it, but it’s not any different to the onslaught of modern hypercars we’re seeing these days. So I guess that makes it more modern than futuristic. Either way it’s a fantastic thing to look at. The only thought that instantly comes to mind when I see the DeLorean brand is the doors, ant iteration of the car will always have to have those doors and the all-new DeLorean Alpha5 does not disappoint.

So the gullwing doors are there to give the DeLorean Alpha5 its link back to the iconic original version, but what else makes this future-is-now car something worth paying attention to? We’ll know more when the physical car appears for the first time at the world-renowned Monterey Car Week in California during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Awards, and the company is keeping a lot of the questions we’re all asking to themselves. There’s no word on when the car will see production or even how many units are planned. The same goes for indicative pricing - there isn’t any. That said, you can register on a list via the DeLorean website to both stay informed about the progress, or to book one for yourself. Of course, the latter is for the brave. OG DeLorean taught people that. 

With those ridiculously smooth lines, we hope the Alpha5 has the go to match that show, and we're lead to believe that the car should end up with a top speed of 155 mph while being able to deliver over 300 miles of range. Take a look at the YouTube video where EV megafan Bembli discusses the car and its origins and all other things related to the all-new, sleek and sexy, Futuristic DeLorean: DeLorean is BACK!  | Bembli

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