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There’s plenty mad personalities in the world of automotive tuning, and it seems like the ones responsible for the absolutely mental builds all hail from the world of drifting. Take what you see here for example, it’s a Navara that’s more commonly rough roads, farm work, and hauling loads. Well, it WAS a Navara, this specific one has been infused with the best bits from a Nissan GT-R to combine to be one of the coolest cars of its kind on the planet. We’ve seen something sort of similar from Ken Block with his Hoonitruck that was based on a 1977 Ford F150, but that was more custom chassis than a car actually derived from a streetcar. Well known UK drifter and all round nice guy, Steve Biagioni a.k.a. Baggsy, has created this amazing rival to the Hoonitruck.

As you can see this Monster Nissan Navara has a completely unique, one-off body kit that instantly tells you there’s not going to be any normal engine under that bonnet (hood for those of you outside of SA). The mad truck rolls on some tasty 20-inch BBW wheels, and the ride height is sorted with KW V4 coilovers coupled to an HLS 4 hydraulic lift system, which is in turn coupled to redesigned OEM GT-R subframe pieces. Behind those BBS wheels you’ll find large brakes from Alcon. 

Powering this amazing build is a highly-tuned 4.1-litre (basically a stroked out OEM 3.8-litre lump) running on the popular tuner’s choice of a Syvecs control unit that sees the Monster Navara able to churn out a whopping 1000 hp.Power gets directed to the wheels via a bespoke transmission that makes use of a dual clutch, sourced from the pros at Dodson Motorsport in New Zealand. The two-year project has been an amazing one, and you can catch the whole series of it on Baggsy’s YouTube channel.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows some of the cool things that make up this amazing purpose-built Nissan Navara dubbed the Navara R. Who doesn't like the idea of 1 000 hp in a Navara?: Nissan Navara-R | 1000hp AWD GT-R VR41 Powered | N&N Motors Worldwide

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