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As far as cool names go in the world of exclusive cars, this has to be one of the coolest sounding, what you see here is the all-new Mostro Barchetta Zagato, and this absolute beauty of a machine is powered by Maserati’s finest to make it one very sleek and desirable car. We’ve known about this one for a while, it comes a few years after its sibling predecessor and it’s every bit as cool and then some. Zagato and Maserati have been besties since 1931 since the creation of the Maserati 8C 2500 Sport Zagato and then in 1957 with the Maserati 450S Coupé Zagato. This Mostro Barchetta Zagato you see here was in fact inspired by a Le Mans classic historic model, which was launched during the Villa D’Este event in 2015. The new Mostro Barchetta retains its heritage DNA to become the perfect fusion between current technology and historic know-how and experience - a characteristic of the Milan Signature since 1919. “We decided the name of the project wad inspired by Sir Stirling Moss’s first reaction, who said: “Beautiful like a Monster” when he first saw the Maserati Coupé. It is the oxymoron itself which well expresses the union between the brutal powering and the philosophy of beauty.” Andrea Zagato – Zagato’s President. “Its design, signed by Norihiko Harada – Vice President Zagato Design, reminds us of the perfect proportion of barchetta by Maserati’s brothers previously realised for Maserati and subsequently for O.S.C.A. during the 50s.

Italian design is always centred around beauty and feelings, and with the Mostro Barchetta Zagato, this comes from details like the two seats and the small wraparound-style windscreen that aim to remind one that they could be looking at the lines of a svelte speedboat racer. The rigid carbon-fibre chassis, no traction control, and having the transmission mounted to the frontal block in a typical racecar setup, means this car feels like it’s on track, even when it’s on public tarmac. When cars are created in a limited production run, there’s usually a few hundred of them, or at least more than you can count on your fingers and toes, but in the case of the Mostro Barchetta Zagato things are quite a bit more limited, which is a great way to creative exclusivity as well as to increase the car’s overall desirability - people, especially those with more money than sense, are always willing to pay a lot to have exclusivity. With that in mind this here Mostro Barchetta Zagato will see just five versions created.

While the Mostro Barchetta Zagato is limited in numbers, the models that will be created can also further customised to prospective buyers’ tastes, and it seems as though these models, all five of them, have already been assigned to a limited number of Zagato’s collector clients list. This new Mostro Zagato Barchetta features a strong and safe carbon-fibre MonoCell chassis which is coupled with an innovative composite structure for the windscreen frame, while a rear steel subframe carries the fuel tank, exhaust system, rear suspension, and differential. The Maserati engine powering the Mostro Barchetta Zagato can optioned too, the choices include a normally aspirated 4.2-litre 8V with 313 kW (420 hp) or a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 with 470 kW (630 hp). With either, the Mostro Barchetta Zagato features a perfect 50-50 weight distribution from the front-mid-mounted engine setup. The whole package tips the scales at just 1 200 kg to afford the limited edition Italian a near-perfect power-to-weight ratio.  A race-spec sequential manual 6-speed is mounted to the engine block as mentioned. If anyone evert does track the limited edition Italian collaboration, the thing will stop on a proverbial dime thanks to the massive 6-piston AP Racing calipers upfront with the 4-piston variety found at the rear. Those stylish 19-inch wheels feature a single-nut hub, which is just awesome.

Take a look at the YouTube that shows a walk-around and some details of the amazing new Mostro Barchetta Zagato and it's Maserati-derived powerplant video, and luckily YouTube is cool enough to auto translate the Italian if the only exposure you've had to the language was binging The Sopranos: Mostro Barchetta Zagato by Maserati, una roadster senza tempo | Motor1 Italia

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