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The Swiss supercar from automotive outfit Picasso Automotive has completed enough positive testing to make their #Mission900 supercar project a reality, a very, very nice reality. The completed prototype, the company’s “first born” makes its international debut at one of the biggest shows in the European automotive sphere - Top Marques Salon in Monaco. A private viewing for a select few will take place. Until this has happened, the lightweight supercar is simply known as the PS-01, but it’s set to have a different name once it goes into proper production - the 660 LMS. This great-looking Swiss supercar is based on an ultralight platform exploiting the best properties of carbon fibre everywhere possible - from the angular bodywork to the interior components.

The automaker has been keeping those interested in the project updated via the #Mission900 hashtag, which is used because the whole aim of the PS-01 project was to be a supercar that tips the scales at less than a ton, and 900 is clearly less than 1000 - which in this case stands for the kilograms. The outfit got it right because this production-ready version tips the scales at 980 kg. Then, as if that wasn’t a hard target to reach, the 900 figure comes into play a second time, and that’s because the aim is to have the special aerodynamics create at least 900 kg of downforce when the car is travelling up near its top speed of 315 km/h. We’re not quite sure what that top speed is just yet, that will hopefully be announced too, but we do know that the car is reported to have 485 kW (660 hp) and 720 Nm of torque available from an all-aluminium twin-turbocharged V6 powerplant supplied by the Italian bespoke engine builders, Autotecnica Motori. 

“To be honest, it has been a very positive rollout. The car is working as expected, we have a solid starting point to move forward. Now it’s time to go back to the factory to analyze all the data we collected and get the car ready for the next phase” says Picasso Automotive CEO Stefano Picasso. Picasso Automotive has caped the production run of the 660 LMS to a mere 21 units, and the starting price of just under $880 000 tells you the expected clientele.

Take a look at the YouTube video detailing what Picasso Automotive’s #Mission900 means for the new 660 LMS, and then make sure not to drool when seeing all that exposed lightweight carbon fibre: We're Just Getting Started - PS-01 PROTOTYPE | Picasso Automotive

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