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A lot like wheel choice, the colour of a car’s paintwork can make or break it’s looks. There are a few cars that simply have to be available in a certain colour, which often comes down to the initial marketing of the car in question. Take a Subaru for example, when you’re talking STi, it simply must be in Sonic blue with the requisite gold wheels, an R34 Nissan GT-R needs to be in Bayside Blue, a Corvette needs to be Torch Red, A Porsche should be white and a Ferrari needs Rosso Red paint. Sometimes, just sometimes, colours sourced from other automakers can work well when used on the right model of car. We’re not talking about your average project MK5 Golf wearing Porsche paint, that happens quite often. We’re talking at supercar level here. Some owners who want to be different usually opt for a vinyl wrap when a colour change is on the cards, but for a select few, that simply is not good enough. Vinyl is for people who can’t commit, paint is permanent-ish. A complete colour change in paint is expensive for regular folk, but when you’re changing the paint on something as special as a Porsche Carrera GT, it needs to be a perfect job done by a company with the right experience and tools, as well as the backup to be able to fix any problems they may cause during the strip down and reassemble process.

It makes sense then that the previous owner of this 2005 Carrera GT commissioned an outfit like Karosserie to do the paint transformation. Established in 1973, the Germany-based Karosserie is widely regarded as one of the finest automobile repairers and restorers with a speciality in supercars, and they’re the outfit responsible for covering this once black Carrera GT in a fabulous application of Rosso Fuoco, a red shade sourced from none other than Ferrari. Usually, something like this is on the blasphemous side of things, but thanks to the amazing work from Karosserie, the Porsche looks better than factory. Of course, while the extensive job was underway, the Karosserie crew also replaced and restored all gaskets and bolts, basically every worn part was made new. The GT also sports the very last OEM windscreen available for the car from Porsche. It makes sense to find out that it was a 6-figure paint and restoration job. Every aspect of the job was meticulously detailed and so the car’s new owner will be able to see the complete history of not only the car, but the work carried out on the car too - a packed 3-ring binder with all the information accompanies the sale of the car. 

As you may have surmised, this 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is up for sale through the elite team at Dupont Registry and is being sold with both keys, history booklet, full luggage set and original tender. Being covered in Ferrari's Rosso Fuoco means this GT is now one of a kind, and that should see its value appreciate like most other fine-art investments do. 

Take a look at the YouTube video from old Harry where he details the history of the Porsche Carrera GT and goes into a detailed review of the iconic open top car, you know, just so you can see how special one of these cars is when it doesn’t wear custom paint: Porsche Carrera GT history and on-road review. Best sounding Porsche ever? | Harry’s Garage

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