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There are few cars as iconic as the Porsche 911, it’s been around for many years now and even in the latest generation models the car still retains a familiar silhouette. We’ve mentioned the skills needed to identify 911 models, it there have been so many incarnations that all retain the 911 model name, but with a 996 or 992 and similar added which helps identify the generation the 911 belongs to. Currently on the official Porsche website, there are at least 24 different 911 trims on offer. These days it’s only really the serious Porsche fans who don’t have to physically inspect which 911 it is to be able to tell you what it is. Even though they’re all iconic, it’s the sought-after Turbo models that are usually more easily identifiable thanks to the styling and aero wings. It’s hard to pick a favourite from, some classics do more to stir the should than the new ones do, and the new ones are so damn good that they can be daily-driven for years and still double as weekend race toys.

Luckily for fans of the brand, the brilliant crew at carwow have sourced some of the coolest Porsche 911 Turbo cars for the ultimate side-by-side Porsche drag race. The sourced seven different 911 Turbo cars for this awesome drag race, a 300 hp 930, a 320 hp 964, a 408 hp 993, a 450 hp 996, a 530 hp 997, a 560 hp 991 and a 650 hp 992. While there’s a 350 hp gap between the 930 and the 992, it doesn’t really matter too much because we know the older generations will battle to compare to the new generation cars. It is really cool that we finally get to see how the cars compare to each other though, this video has the capability to settle bar room Porsche arguments that have happened for years.
During this massive side-by-side Porsche 911 drag race, three full races were completed to give the cars and drivers time to get properly sorted for a decent run. As you’d expect, the Porsche 992 911 Turbo S was the one to beat, pulling away from the field at such a rapid pace it clocked a quarter mile time of just 10.2-seconds. The oldest dog in the fight, the late 70s - early 80s 911 930 eventually managed a 14.9-second quarter mile time after initially recording a time over 17-seconds. To be fair, it was having some issues with the clutch. But sure, just about any modern hot hatch will blitz it in a race, but there are very few new generation cars that can look this good in a drag race. While all these Porsches are great, the highlight here at SXdrv was having Becky Evans as part of the test. Yeah, we’re fans.

It's incredible enough being able to source all of these different generation Porsche 911 Turbo models, but actually having them race against each other is just too cool for words. When you consider the values of the older Porsches, seeing them properly thrashed is just brilliant. While the newest 992 is valued at R3 400 000 (£164 650) while the mid-90s Porsche 993 commands a value of R2 900 000 (£140 000).

Take a look at the YouTube video where all these super hot Porsche 911 generations have a head-to-head drag race battle, below: Porsche 911 Turbo generations DRAG RACE | carwow.

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