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Older cars are starting to make more sense to use in this world of continually rising costs, and that means demand for some of the special models has started to rise. Some older cars have an abundance of features, even when they’re closing in on being 20 years old, and so it makes sense to look for a nice and clean older model as a once-off cash purchase, and then rather use what you’d spend on finance or leasing on some maintenance things. Even with some older cars, you just need a few tweaks and you’ll have great performance that can rival 2022 models. The resulting price rise also has another side effect, it has started pushing up the value of the very clean, low mileage models exponentially. Cars that would have cost you a few grand a few years ago can easily see 5 or 6 digits in the price tag. In some cases, not as many as owners would like to think, but in some cases, it’s worth it. With the demise of the ICE, the louder models that guzzle the dinosaur juice will be the ones collectors want, like this ridiculously clean 2003 Mk4 GTi VR6 spotted on the Bring A Trailer website.

What you’re seeing here is a 2-door hatchback that is amazingly neat and clean. We’d call it well-looked after, except being parked in a garage out of the elements and away from prying eyes doesn’t really take much looking after besides possibly starting the thing up bi-weekly to make sure all its bits stay in the OEM factory condition. As the title suggests, this 19-year-old has a smidgen over 2 000 km on the odometer which means if you broke it down to annual mileage, it’s covered just over 100 km a month, although we’re sure that mileage was lumped on in a few decent but short drives. Even with a 2.8-litre VR6 lump under that untouched paintwork, that is not known for its frugal use of fuel, the car has maybe seen three tanks of fuel run through its guts in its lifetime. The motor is barely even ‘run-in’, and that also means the clutch will have hardly worked too, the same goes for that 6-speed manual transmission. Check that shift knob, it’s probably the ‘newest’ one on the planet considering that they’re no longer available from VW.

This 2003 Volkswagen GTI VR6 was first registered in Pennsylvania, USA and records show no more transactions since then. While the spec is in a shade that will only excite accountants, it is something that we reckon would be better with the optional leather Recaros of the era, but that would mean the car has been fiddled with and it will take away from its authenticity. Inside we find grey and black cloth, a leather steering wheel, climate control, power windows & locks, cruise control, AM/FM stereo with CD and cassette player, a sunroof, 17” wheels and even has the owner’s handbook in new condition. The VR6 looks like it was part of a time capsule, and it’s almost sacrilegious that it hasn’t been driven properly, but at the same time it’s quite fascinating.

As of 25th June, the bidding for this 19-year-old is doing well with the current bid at a very healthy $20 050, which in our funny money equates to almost R325 000. There’s a heck of a lot you can buy for that price, which just shows how people appreciate cars of this age and pedigree in this condition.

Take a look at the YouTube videos below showing the cars up close inside and out. It really is in showroom condition. Is it worth the current bid price on the car? Will it get even more money than that? Only time will tell, but we’ll be keeping tabs: GTI vr6 walkaround | ClassicCarsForSale

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GTI vr6 walkaround

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