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With EVs being the new in-thing in the automotive world, most people only seem to know about updates and new models of cars, but the two-wheeled side of that world is just as busy with motorbike (or will that just be bike now?) manufacturers also in a race to have electric bikes on the global market as soon as possible. With cars there’s always been a bit of an easier job to have things electrified, the weight of the batteries needed to give the cars a decent range is a lot easier to spread over a wide chassis. The hard part for two wheels is having a battery pack light enough to keep the bike manoeuvrable while having enough range for at least a normal daily commute. Some bike makers are working hard at this, and it seems as though the Italian outfit Ducati is far enough along in their R&D to be able to unveil their V21L eBike prototype that will eventually be campaigned on track in the futuristic MotoE class.

As with a conventional bike the heavy bit, A.K.A. the motor, still needs to be located centrally to help with weight distribution and balance. To keep the weight as low as possible to offset the battery pack weight, the Ducati V21L MotoE bike makes use of carbon fibre everywhere, and the section that encases the battery pack doubles as a stressed part of the bike chassis, an idea taken from the way the Ducati Panigale V4 engine stays put with an aluminium monocoque Front Frame for the front area. The combination gives the Ducati MotoE a total weight of 225 kg, which comes in a healthy 12 kg less than the minimum requirements imposed by Dorna and FIM for a bike capable of completing the race distance, and will have a maximum power output of 110 kW with 140 Nm of torque - that’s mid-2000s hot hatch power!

We can't wait to see the bike in action making use of all of that power, and also how it will compare to the electrification of bikes by other manufacturers. We'll also be quite interested in rider feedback, we have many questions... How does an eBike handle without a centrifugal force? How does regen braking affect the handling? Can you easily sustain a wheelie? These things are important to know!

Take a look at the YouTube video that details seven things that MotoBob thiuks you need to know about this prototype eBike from Italian motorcycle kings, Ducati: Ducati MotoE V21L Electric Prototype Unveiled: 7 Things You Need To Know! | MOTOBOB

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