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If you ask us, not that we’re experts or anything, but in the world of the modern hypercar, they’re all pretty luxurious and finished in the best products that money can buy. Even though that’s the case, the chaps at Automobili Pininfarina claim their Battista is “the world’s first pure-electric hyper GT”. I guess if you class the car as a GT car, you can say that, but overall it looks like any “regular” new-generation hypercar, so what makes it a GT and in a different class? Either way, it’s very nice to look at and will make 150 of the world’s wealthiest car collectors very, very happy.  The Pininfarina Battista has just entered series production in a dedicated new Atelier space in the heart of the company’s design, engineering and development hub in Cambiano, Italy.

The specification of the Pininrafina Battista is as impressive as all those super hot curves and wings and lines. There’s 1 417 kW on tap (1 900 hp) with a massive 2 300 Nm of torque backing it up. 0-60 mph comes up in less than 2-seconds. It’s a hypercar in every sense of the word. Per Svantesson, Automobili Pininfarina CEO said: “The Battista hyper GT is the realisation of a dream, which began with design icon Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina’s ambition to create a beautiful car bearing only the Pininfarina name. We are proud to have achieved that goal and in doing so, we lead a movement into an exciting new luxury era, where design purity and a focus on sustainable innovations will shape a series of incredible new vehicles from Automobili Pininfarina.”

Automobili Pininfarina is making just 150 units of the Battista. It wants to make sure owners can enjoy these hypercars for years. The vehicle supports remote diagnostics, and the company employs what it calls "flying doctors" for helping with service wherever an owner lives.Buyers can also purchase a five- or 10-year maintenance program. An extended battery and powertrain warranty is available with 10 years of coverage, rather than the standard three years. There's also the company's Eterna program that supplies replacement body parts with a customer's new Battista for easier repairs after a crash.

Take a look at the YouTube video that depicts some of the origins of this svelte Italian hyper GT car, and gives some insight into the Italian automaker's philosophy roots: Battista in Build: Series Production Accelerates at Bespoke Atelier in Italy | Automobili Pininfarina

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