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Ahh, another Novitec-fettled Ferrari, and this time the target of the brilliant makeover is the 812 Competizione. This front-engined Ferrari is the fastest of its kind, and the V12 powerplant has one of the best soundtracks of any Prancing Horse-badged car. There are a few changes that Novitec carries out on the car and they’re more along the lines of less is more, but as you can see from the images and the associated video, they all work to make the 812 even more of a head-turner than it already is. The first thing you’ll no doubt notice is the wheels, manufactured in partnership with Vossen. The new forged wheels do a great job of filling the arches, and there are three different designs to choose from to help owners feel more in control of the end result. The wheels are have split sizing with 21-inch rollers up front and 22-inch at the rear. In the pics you see here, the Competizione wears Novitec NF 10 ZV wheels in black, which suit the paintwork just right. To give owners even more choices, these wheels can be had in over 70 more paint colours. To help with filling the arches, and also to drop the centre of gravity a little and improve handling dynamics, Novitec also offers custom suspension solutions, and in this case, there are new sports springs that drop the car by 25 mm. These Ferraris are already quite low, so Novitec also offers a Front Lift System that can raise the nose by 40 mm at the push of a button, and as soon as the car hits 80 km/h it settles back to the proper ride height. 

For the cabin, Novitec will tailor things to suit the owner’s taste, and so all surfaces can be changed up with a huge choice of colours and designs crafted from leather, Alcantara and carbon fibre. It’s the soundtrack that’s changed that we like. The company hasn’t really touched the 6.5-litre V12 except for the exhaust system. A custom system was built front to back with optimised flow and it’s finished off with dual 120 mm tailpipes in matt black that are shaped to match the contour of the rear diffuser. The systems can be had in stainless steel or lightweight inconel, budget dependant, and they can also be fitted with integrated butterfly valves to tone down or liven up the soundtrack. If the client has a healthy amount of F-you money, then the whole exhaust system can be had with 999-grade gold plating. Not only does this sound great, it works to dissipate heat more efficiently. The cat converters are also sorted to work better with the system, swapping the production bits for likewise heat-insulated 100-cell versions. While the soundtrack and appearance seem to be the main focus of the system, it does add in a welcome power bump seeing the massive V12’s power rise from 610 kW to 637 kW with torque rising from 692 Nm to 711 Nm. In a car that weighs less than 1 500 kg, that promises to be a noticeable difference.

Take a look at the latest YouTube video in the Supercar Diaries series from the crew at Novitec as they run down all the details of the recently revealed Ferrari 812 Competizione that's just been through their workshop. We're quite a fan of the results, there's just something about a Ferrari that isn't in the traditional Rosso paint, check what we mean: Novitec Ferrari 812 Competizione with 866hp, a new exhaust-system ...... / The Supercar Diaries | Novitec Group

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