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These days you can chuck a stick in Europe and you might his a company specialising in classic Porsche restomods, and there’s not a single one we wouldn’t love to have parked in the SXdrv driveway. Some of these cars and companies are more well-known than others, and thanks to clever marketing and some amazing products, Singer is probably the most famous. While we spend a ridiculous amount of time online checking out all manner of automotive content, when the Collecting Cars video dropped showcasing the car you see here, it was our first time hearing about Tuthill Porsche. Headed up by Richard Tuthill, the outfit specialises in all things Porsche, from rally to race to restoration and what you see here is all of those skills wrapped up into one amazing machine - the Tuthill Porsche 911K. "There are so many great people in the world building amazing Porsche 911's, its sometimes quite daunting to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. That said, my experience over the last few years, when combined with an extremely enthusiastic and supportive friend and client, was enough to do exactly that. The idea - to build a simple, light car, beautifully presented but with the mechanical capability to take on anything that is currently out there; old or new. This one is for the drivers and quite honestly, I never imagined it could ever be what it has already become, and we've only just started! Weight is always king and the fun of driving a lightweight car when combined with what I believe to be the most exciting engine I have ever experienced and a chassis that gives one unrivalled compliance on wonderfully diverse backroads has redefined what I thought was possible. I look forward to everyone having a go in it." says Tuthill.

This classic 911 is a true lightweight work of art. Where possible, which is a lot of places if you know what you’re doing, the Porsche was built using the best lightweight components possible with many being custom, one-off parts. There’s more carbon fibre on this car than you think. Carbon has been used for the roof, doors, front fenders, bonnet, engine access lid, bumpers and even the rear quarters, while the windows are bespoke lightweight pieces. Even the complete rear bulkhead and seat wells are carbon. The rear roll cage is titanium. The braking system uses carbon ceramic discs, but one of the coolest parts crafted from carbon fibre is the wheels. Yup, those period-correct Fuchs-style wheels are in fact full carbon fibre pieces painted to look like the original alloy wheel. Inside carbon extends to the dashboard, door cards, and the in-house custom seats. Even the steering wheel is a carbon RS piece, as too is the hydraulic handbrake. The shift knob, torsion bars and anti-roll bars stick to the weight-saving theme and are made from titanium. The powerplant is equally as special as the body. Powering the 911K is a normally aspirated 3.1-litre flat-6 Porsche that’s been built to perfection, evident in the bonkers 11 000 RPM rev limit and very impressive 260 kW of power. Even better, it’s still air-cooled and can take a serious hammering as seen in the video. A lot of that amazing performance can be attributed to the in-house designed and built magnesium 6-speed 915 K transmission. The whole package has a wet weight of just 850 kg, which explains why the fire-spitting 911K is as fast and fun to drive. How’s that soundtrack at 11 grand though? Madness!

Take a look at the YouTube video that now ranks as one of our absolute favourites thanks not only to the amazing car that is the 850 kg classic Porsche 911 that can rev to 11 000 rpm and that's fitted with all the best lightweight components, but also to the great reactions from Harriss and Tuthill on that final lap. It's not often than Harriss is at a loss for words, and in this video he stumbles more than a few times, and that emotion makes is also want a 911K : Chris Harris Drives The Tuthill Porsche 911K - THE ASTONISHING 11,000RPM LIGHTWEIGHT MACHINE | Collecting Cars

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