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This past weekend there were some pretty interesting auction activities by the chaps at Bonhams Auctions. These guys curate all manner of automotive auctions and some of them feature unbelievable lot listings that feature some properly epic and race cars. The very cool Zoute Collection went under the hammer and most of the cars that we singled out to spend our theoretical lotto winnings on went on to fetch the expected amounts. This was the collection that featured over R13,500,000 worth of orange Aston Martins that did get split up, as we expected, along with some other seriously amazing metal that fetched over €1,000,000. One of the standout cars wasn’t as modern, but thanks to the posters on my wall when I was in my teens, the Bugatti EB110 was the star of the show. The only real difference is that this specific car is in a rare shade of Indian Red and the late 90s poster car was in signature Bugatti Blue. The Bugatti EB110 was a sight to behold in the late 90s, featuring the best of Italian design with the then futuristic-looking angles and curves, and as you’d expect, there was a lot more to the car than the aesthetics. It was powered by a small capacity 3.5-litre V12 with four turbochargers strapped on that resulted in a healthy 550 hp, or 410 kW. This is also why the car is called the EB110 410 - a nod to the power. Said power was directed to all four wheels, and that gave the supercar some stonking performance. The car was capable of hitting 100 km/h in as little as 3.5 seconds and had a top speed of a massive 341 km/h, giving the car access to the 200 mph club. At the time you could buy one for £285,000, if you were lucky enough to know the right people and have access to the one that came up for sale.

Since the car;’s release 29 years ago, the value has appreciated rather well, even surpassing inflation. That sales price today would see the car being sold for around £726,000 which means if you can get one for that price, you’ve done well. There were only 136 of them created, and there’s no way of knowing how many are left, but either way, the numbers are quite small. Even smaller if we’re talking about the ones covered in Indian Red paint. This example that popped up for auction is a ridiculously clean example with just 7,102 km on the odometer. Inside is a grey leather interior and a Nakamichi stereo system, which is the extent of the features of the supercar. How times have changed. The car was expected to fetch €1,200,000 on the good end of estimations, as near as damn to R25 million. When we first showed you the car, we said we’d keep an eye on the auction proceedings so that we could let you know if the car sold at the estimated amount or not. Even though it’s a rare car that was at the forefront of the impending supercar wars, that’s still quite a lot of money which in turn would mean that only serious collectors would have possible interest in the car. While this car made our list of cars to buy with a theoretical lotto win, in reality, we’d only shell out that kind of money for a modern hypercar that can be driven as intended. Spending silly money on a car that just parks off is for investment types, not petrolheads. At auction, the car opened for bidding at £600,000 and went up in quick increments. After all was said and done the hammer came down at a nice and round amount of £1,000,000, or a total of €1,150,000 with commissions and things added on. Just on R23,500,000.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the recently held Zoute Collection auction that took place in Belguim. In the video, you'll see loads of amazing cars, a collection of orange Aston Martins and a host of bikes and memorabilia. If you want to see the bidding on this rare Bugatti EB110, you'll need to fast-forward to 3:10:00 for the action: The Zoute Sale - Sunday 8th October | Bonhams Auctions

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