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In the world of enduro bikes, there are a few main players that have legions of die-hard fans around the world. It’s the ones who live and breathe all things GS that are about to be very happy indeed. The BMW R GS models are amazing, they can get you to any destination you can think of on the planet, and in race-spec, they’re seen conquering the world’s toughest races. In just a few seconds on YouTube, you’ll find fascinating footage of these things heading through desert dunes at full tilt at the famed Paris Dakar off-road race. The worldwide following is such that there are even dedicated events under the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy that see a country’s best BMW GS riders compete against each other in various technical competitions to whittle the contestants down to a storing team that then heads to an international competition to represent the country’s GS riders. We’ve attended an event before and it’s amazing, and the SA team won four events out of eight at the 2022 GS Trophy. One thing we noticed was that at the time, there were quite a few brand-new, fully-kited bikes in attendance. After hearing some chatter, this is one of those brands where riders like to upgrade to the latest model as soon as possible, so even though there are loads of GS riders around, BMW will still be able to sell them a new bike. There were a few chaps that had older models and didn’t see any need to upgrade because what they had already worked great for their riding style. As you’d expect, with a BMW badge on the tank, these aren’t cheap bikes by any stretch of the imagination and if you add on all the extras and bits and bobs available for the bikes to make them even hardier and more competent, you can spend many thousands of Randelas. 

With these BMWs, there’s a lot more than an engine and a wheel at each end, these GS bikes are packed with technology and systems to make traversing the globe as easy and comfortable as possible while maintaining a high standard of safety. The important bits about the 2024 BMW R 1300 GS that you need to know is that it isn’t a facelift, it’s an all-new bike, so there’s a new frame, new suspension and an 11.8 kg saving in weight. Added to this there’s also an all-new 1,300 cc boxer engine in play with a power rating of 108 kW with 149 Nm of torque, which makes this the most powerful factory boxer motor produced for the GS series of bikes. “With the new BMW R 1300 GS we will once again take the competition by surprise. It is defined by an even broader spread of product substance, while the reduction in complexity and vehicle weight, combined with focused equipment, enable the essence of the boxer GS to be showcased even more strikingly. With a new engine, outstanding handling, and impressive ride qualities, it will set the pace both on and off the road.” says Thilo Fuchs, Head of Water-cooled Boxer Models. Features include a new boxer engine with a bottom-mounted gearbox and BMW ShiftCam technology, a new EVO Telelever with a flex element and revised rear wheel guide EVO Paralever, BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS Pro, four ride modes, dynamic traction control, engine drag torque control, dynamic brake assist, hill start control, a matrix LED headlight, hand protectors with integrated turn signals, a lithium-ion 12v battery, dynamic cruise control, smartphone charging compartment with integrated USB socket and additional 12 V on-board power socket, a multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen, RDC, Keyless Ride, heated grips, and intelligent emergency call. As with BMW cars, there’s also a healthy list of optional extras. So far the model lineup includes the BMW R 1300 GS, the BMW R 1300 GS Triple Black, the BMW R 1300 GS GS Trophy and the BMW R 1300 GS 719 Tramuntana. There’s loads more to these bikes, when you have a free hour, head through to the BMW Motorrad website.

Take a look at the YouTube video that gives an inspirational and emotive look at the lifestyle possible with a BMW R 1300 GS enduro bike. The all-new bike looks amazing and will surely rack up orders thick and fast. This is one of those bikes that riders like to have the latest version of, it is a BMW after all: The new R 1300 GS — Let’s set the Pace Together | BMW Motorrad

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