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The Toyota GR Corolla has been out for a year and a bit, and it quickly climbed into the top rankings of Want Lists around the planet. Having a powerful turbocharged hatchback with power going to all four wheels was always going to be a hit, but having it available brand new with a manual transmission was a mahoosive cherry on top. “The response to the GR Corolla has been incredible,” said Mike Tripp, Vice President of Toyota Vehicle Marketing and Communications. “This model has captured a passion for driving, and by adding the Premium Grade with standard high-performance components and an upgraded interior, we can give fans even more ways to enjoy this rowdy hot hatch.” The company has actually added a few new iterations of the car to accpmany the new Premium Grade option; Core Grade and the Circuit Edition. The commonality of all the models for the 2024 lineup is the turbocharged G16E-GTS 1.6-litre 3-cylinder powerplant. This small capacity lump fights well above its class, as seen in the ferformance stats that can rival higher-powered and much more expensive cars in the same segment. The little 3-pot is rated at 223 kW with 370 Nm of torque, an amazing engineering feat on it’s own. When the sister car, the GR Yaris was first released all the internet mechanics claimed the little engine would be so highly strung that it couldn’t be fiddled with for more power, but a few months down the line we were seeing GRs with basic mods pushing 250 kW to the wheels. This is likely one of the reasons the GR range has been so well received. That and the fact that they’re seen on track geting the living poop driven out of them without warranties being cancelled by Toyota. They built these to be driven, and they’re ok with it.

The Core Grade GR Corolla feattures fabric sport seats with an embroidered GR logo, functional fender and rear fascia aero vents, 18-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres, sports-tuned suspension, aggressive front and rear bumper styling, GR-FOUR-stamped side rockers and fender flares and if the Performance Package is optioned it also comes with front and rear limited slip differentials and red painted calipers with the GR logo added. It can be had in Ice Cap, Black, and Supersonic Red. The new Premium Grade option has all the best bits from the Core Grade, plus it gets heated GR-logoed Brin Naub Suede-trimmed seats, a JBL Premium Audio 8-speaker system, a Qi-compatible wireless charger, a heated steering wheel, front and rear parking sensors and brake cooling ducts. This one has the extra choice of Heavy Metal and Black paint options. The one that will cost the most is the Circuit Edition, and it’s the one we’d also opt for. This has all the good bits of the other two trims, but will also include a forged carbon fibre roof, a Bulge bonnet with functional gloss black air vents, 18-inch 10-spoke BBS wheels in gloss black, black side graphics, a leather-wrapped shift knob with blue stripe and forged carbon accents and a gloss black high-mounted rear spoiler. This one comes in Ice Cap and Blue Flame, the latter being rather nice to look at.

Take a look at the YouTube video where Kirk runs through all the changes to the GR Corolla lineup for 2024, including the trim level differences and what makes each one stand out like the new Premium Grade. All this is great, we're just wondering what changes will be headed to the GR Yaris range because that's the one we like the most: Here's EVERY update for the 2024 Toyota GR Corolla + Pricing Changes | Kirk Kreifels

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