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This is one of the most interesting auctions we’ve seen over at Bonham’s lately, and that’s saying something considering the ridiculously rare and amazing cars that pop in the listings. The strange listing will be sold under the hammer at the Belgian seaside town of Knokke-Heist at the well-known Knokke Le Zoute, a luxurious holiday resort for the rich and famous that I assume to have a dress code that I don’t conform to. The Zoute Sale takes place during the Zoute Grand Prix in Belgium, and it has 196 lots listed ranging from motoring-related memorabilia to motorbikes to some very nice cars. If you scan through the listings you’ll quickly notice a glitch in the layout where an orange Aston Martin has repeat listings. It’s immediately noticeable not just because there are multiple listings, but because you don’t often see an Aston Martin in a not-so-subtle colour called Orange No.1. If you look again, you’ll notice that the 8 Aston Martin listings all have their own lots numbers, and they’re also all different Aston Martin models. The Aston Martins are all part of a unique one-owner collection known as the Orange Special Limited Edition Collection. All the cars were custom orders for the same owner so they all wear the exact same paint and all have bespoke matching orange leather interiors. Why orange? Hue knows? If the sales brochure is to be believed, the owner took inspiration from ancient Egypt, 12th-century art, Van Gogh, Dukes of Hazzard and Porsche.

The Orange Special Limited Edition Collection is made up of 8 different Aston Martin models that represent the company's road car production in the 2010-2011 era. They’re all low mileage too, ranging from just 113 km up to a whopping 379 km. None of them have covered enough mileage to warrant a visit to the petrol station, so they truly do have little more than delivery mileage. Even though they don’t really seem to go anywhere, they have been meticulously maintained and prior to listing all 8 have been serviced by marque specialists Stratton Motor Company. As a result, the cars will surely fetch a premium over similar Aston Martin listings, and here at SXdrv, we’re just wondering if someone will buy them all in one go to take over the collection or if all the oranges will end up in different parts of Europe. Who knows, there may well be a hyper-fanatical Dutchman who would love a fleet of British sportscars covered in the country’s national colour to add to an equally odd collection. There was a previous colour-based Aston Martin collection from the late 1980s known as the Hunter Green collection, on account of them all being painted Hunter Green. There were 9 in that ensemble and the collection stayed together up until 2005 before they went their separate ways. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Zoute Sale or else we’ll have sleepless nights wondering if the family was broken up or if there really is someone out there willing to drop mad cash on 8 orange Aston Martins. If they all sell for the higher-end estimates, that'll be a roughly R14,000,000 affair.

Take a look at the YouTube video that does two things. Firstly, it shows off one of these orange Aston Martins and lets you hear it. Secondly, it also shows you just how far Shmee150 has come and just how much better his content has gotten over the years. This video was so basic and has less than 8,000 views, nowadays he racks up that many views in a couple of hours: ORANGE Aston Martin V12 Vantage - Overview, Revs and Accelerations | Shmee150

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