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Ok, ok, that’s a wee bit of sarcasm in there. We do understand that when a brand as famous as Aston Martin decides to do a rebranding things cannot be completely different to what it was. Corporate identity on the scale of Aston Martin is priceless, and so the changes needed to be more subtle than wow, and the results are pretty much that. We would love to see the internal memos and the budget that was allocated to the job, because it was probably quite large and we’re just nosey. The company did say: ”The strategic repositioning is the largest investment in Aston Martin’s brand for more than a decade and strengthens its position at the pinnacle of the performance ultra-luxury segment. It builds on Aston Martin’s growing appeal to a wider, affluent global audience strategically targeted by the brand, whilst underpinning its core values.” The new Aston Martin logo comes with a new by-line too: Intensity. Driven.  

In addition to the new visual and verbal expression, the radical redesign includes a contemporary update to the iconic wings, created by the manufacturer’s world-renowned design function in collaboration with acclaimed British art director and graphic designer Peter Saville. In physical form, the new wings design is hand-crafted by artisans in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter and will be applied for the first time on Aston Martin’s next generation of sports cars, which will further enhance Aston Martin’s focus on ultra-luxury, performance and driving intensity.

It is the first major update to the marque since 2003 and only the eighth time in Aston Martin’s 109-year history that it has been significantly adjusted. To mark the launch, Aston Martin has released behind-the-scenes photography of the unique jewelling process at Vaughtons studio in Birmingham, the 203-year-old silversmiths firm famed for crafting the Football Association Cup and medals for the 1908 London Olympics.

Intensity. Driven. is brought to life in a breathless short film, featuring all five of Aston Martin’s current high-performance production models. Conveying the feeling of driving and the emotional connection drivers have with their cars, the film showcases the stimulating physiological effects of driving an Aston Martin, with sensorial data visualisations of pupil dilation and heartrate obtained through biometric testing during thrilling high-speed laps in an Aston Martin Valkyrie, the ultimate hypercar.

Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin said: “Because we are designing to make people fall in love, to connect with the hearts and minds of our customers, every object we design at Aston Martin has deep meaning and intention and is created with honesty and emotion. As we approach an exciting moment of product evolution, the design of the new wings was no different. Every millimetre of each line - of each shape within the new wings, are drawn forward from the depths of our 109-year Aston Martin creative wellspring. Adding Peter Saville, an icon in British graphic design and an inspirational creative figure to me personally, took our exploration and evolution of the wings to another level. And now, to see this new identity, hand-crafted in physical form at Birmingham’s jewellery quarter, is a proud moment for everyone involved. It's the first step to the wings taking centre stage on our next generation of ultra-luxury performance sports cars.”
Peter Saville said: “The Aston Martin wings update is a classic example of the necessary evolution of logotypes of provenance. Subtle but necessary enhancements not only keep forms fresh, but allow for new technologies, situations and applications to be accommodated in the future. The process was one of clarifying and emphasising the key feature of the Aston Martin marque.”
Renato Bisignani, Head of Global Marketing and Communications at Aston Martin said: “Building on our return to the pinnacle of motorsport in Formula One, the launch of Intensity. Driven. marks the next phase in our evolution of the Aston Martin brand, as we unleash its global potential and maximise our unique position at the cutting-edge of ultra-luxury and high performance. Retaining the elegance and sophistication that our brand and products are revered for worldwide, this emotionally led creative direction dials up the bolder, edgier, and more intense characteristics that have always underscored Aston Martin. Whilst engaging our fiercely loyal customer base, we believe this new dimension will capitalise on the growing demand from a new generation of Aston Martin customers, with more than 60% of our current sales new to the brand.”

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows the inspiration for the new logo and slogan for British luxury automaker Aston Martin: The new Aston Martin Wings | Aston Martin

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