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There are private collectors all around the world, and some are better than others, this is one of those better ones. Some collectors have the space and funds to collect anything that makes the eyes and heart happy like Manny Khoshbin and his ridiculous collection of supercars and hyper cars, while others prefer a theme to their collection like Ricardo (@Fish2556 on Instagram) who has an amazing collection of various cars and at least 95% of them are white. The collector here is Belgian Porsche aficionado by the name of Johan-Frank Dirickx and the flavour of his extensive car collection is Porsche - all things Porsche. Over the years the Porsche fanatic has over 50 Porsche models in his absolutely stunning collection that began many years ago with a now very sought-after yellow 911 Carrera RS 2.7. The Porsche bug bit one day when he was just ten years old and his grandfather was in the market for a new car and was trying to decide between a Corvette and a Porsche, As you may have surmised, that choice went the way of the German choice and it’s affected Johan’s life in the best way possible. 

His grandfather started buying up cars, and with Johan’s influence Porsche models started being added to the collection. “The first 2.0-litre 911 Targa S was followed by a 2.2-litre 911 S and then a 2.4-litre S. When a bright-yellow Carrera RS 2.7 joined the ranks, I realised I was officially addicted to the 911.” said Johan. After he got his driving licence he got a 911 T but couldn't afford to restore it so he was only able to drive the cars in his grandfather's collection, but that was enough spur on his studies and to become successful enough to be able to start his own collection one day. The man has made it, as you can see, and the Porsches in his collection are some of the best and rarest ever made. The car that makes us very happy is the 964 RS in that iconic Rubystar paint, but for Johan the Holy Grail car in the collection is the white 1967 RS. There were only 20 of these built and that makes it stupidly expensive and rare, so much so that it's now too valuable to drive. Luckily there's more than 50 other cars he can pull out and drive when the feeling hits.

Take a look at the YouTube video from a couple of years back that shows off Johan's '67 911 R Porsche when he took part of his collection to Circuit d'Abbeville in France: Porsche 911R Old & New / The grandfather of all racing Porsches / PATINA | Patina

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