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When you have a Porsche, it’s sort of assumed that you have a healthy bank account and that you’d have a car covering all sides of life. It seems that some Porsche owners like the outdoor lifestyle and the associated camping in tents but they’re not willing to do the trip to the venue in any manner of an offroad vehicle instead opting to travel in style and at speed. Luckily the guys that create the accessories for Porsche know this all too well and that’s why there’s a new rooftop tent available for the 911 Porsche body shape. It does look a little odd, but it’s also strangely cool-looking when you see the tent affixed to the car.

This official Porsche accessory was designed and created at the Weissach Development Centre in collaboration with Studio F.A. Porsche in Zell am See. The tent features a hard-case design that can be installed on the roof transport systems of a few Porsche models made up of the 911 as seen in the pics, as well as the Macan, Taycan, Panamera and Cayenne. It works on models both with and without the factory roof rails. In the extended position, the floor surface of the rooftop tent measures a bigger-than-you-expect 2100 mm x 1300 mm and includes an integrated comfortable, high-density polyfoam mattress.

The walls of the tent are made of a breathable cotton blend that’s water resistant as are the zips. The side walls mimic the fly line of the 911 and there’s a prominent Porsche logo - a must for owners who like to show what they have. Highlights of the interior include an insulating quilted lining in Light Grey (also seen on the mattress) and the head end features a mountain silhouette. For practicality and to see if that mountain lion you annoyed is on the way to have you for dinner, both side windows can be fully opened. An insect guard offers protection against mosquitoes and an additional black-out function helps keep the light out. The folk at Porsche claim that the fastest safe speed capable with the tent erected is 130 km/h. We're pretty sure that's only ever gonna happen if the above mountain lion manages to get a bite in though...

This great-looking all-season, two-person tent is available to order from Porsche sales partners for a mere R87 000 (€4,9802) with delivery set to begin in November 2022.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows how these rooftop tents can make your Porsche ownership an even better experience, especially if you have the great outdoors in your blood, and you're mad enough to take a Porsche that's not a Cayenne camping : Exploring new horizons with the Porsche Roof Tent Experience | Porsche

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