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Performances like this are both awesome and sad. Seeing how fast the new Porsche GT4 e-Performance is on track is amazing, and it shows off just how good electric vehicles have become in a short space of time. On the flip side, it’s also a signal that the internal combustion engines we love so much have a limited lifespan. We only hope the new battery power really is better for the planet than the dead dinosaur-consuming things we love so much. But lithium mining is a debate for another time. The all-electric GT4 e-Performance headed on track in front of more than 90,000 Porsche fans at one of the world’s biggest dedicated Porsche gatherings. The electric Porsche was properly fast on the famed Californian circuit, and what’s impressive about that is the car is not only capable on circuits but because of the way EVs can be set up, the car can do sprint races, hillclimbs and even drift events with minors changes. All this new digital technology allows for real-time tuning where the power output can be adjusted during the race to help the car perform at its optimum. The race car will continue to enable close links between physical and virtual racing. A versatile racecar is something that should appeal to many motorsport fanatics out there, well the ones who can afford a Porsche EV as a weekend toy. While the car was there to show off, it was also a chance for Porsche engineers to gather valuable data from the car in race conditions.

The Porsche GT4 e-Performance is quite the car and has some properly impressive specs. The car features a pair of synchronous e-machine (PESM) motors, one for the front axle and one for the rear to make the car all-wheel drive. With the top tune in play, the setup is rated to produce a rather monstrous 800 kW. The 65/80 kWh (net/gross) batteries are amazing and a plug-in of just 15 minutes will take the charge level from 5% up to as much as 80%. This is quite important on racedays and at events like this. It’s widely known that EVs are heavy things thanks to the weight of the batteries, but battery technology is rapidly evolving and they’re getting lighter all the time. In the case of the GT4 e-Performance, it tips the scales at just under 1,550 kg. In qualification mode, the Porsche produces over 735 kW, and in simulated racing the car has 450 kW that’s available for up to 30 minutes - enough for a sprint race in the Porsche one-make cups. To fit all this new technology in, the racing car is 14 cm wider than a 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport, and around A6,000 parts had to be designed from scratch. The body includes natural fibre composite materials, with production intended to generate lower emissions than the production of comparable synthetic materials. The flared wheel arches allow more room for the wider 18-inch Michelin racing tyres, and even the tyres have a high proportion of renewable materials. At the Rennsport Reunion, the GT4 e-Performance was piloted by race driver Marco Seefried, a great choice seeing as he’s been a winner at the 24-hours of Daytona and the 12-hours of Sebring winner, among many other haer-earned race accolades.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing the Porscge GT4 e-Performance concept racecar putting in some laps at the famed Laguna Seca circuit during the 7th instalment of the massive Rennsport Reunion event that celebrates all things Porsche. EVs certainly are the ay of the future if this is anything to go by, it's just a pity about the car's lack of a soundtrack: The GT4 e-Performance takes on Laguna Seca Raceway | Rennsport Reunion 7 | Porsche

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