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Back in 2006 Night at the Museum was a smash cinema hit, the thought of being locked in a museum at night and having free reign was clearly a fantasy for many out there. Sure, the movie also featured supernatural things and displays that come alive, and that may not always happen when the janitor goes home, but it’s still something people (read: me) want to experience. It can get even better than a natural history museum though, because places like the official Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen, Germany exist. Even if the cars don't actually come alive, and even if you can’t start them or drive them (without needing lots of bail money), being locked inside the Porsche Museum would be absolutely epic. With no people to get in my shots, I’d spend the entire night getting the coolest pics of everything on display. At the Porsche Museum, one of the most popular displays keeps the tradition alive by showing off the historical values of the company from its beginnings through to the present day. Using around 95 cars, Porsche tells the story of the automaker via eye-catching exhibitions and interactive displays. Among the displays, you can find icons like the Porsche 356 “No. 1” Roadster, all different Porsche 911 generations and even the Porsche 550 and the 917. The entire history of Porsche’s production and its successful motorsport record is shown off in chronological order. It really is a place all Porsche fanatics should visit at some point. Yeah, it is out of reach of many, but that’s why you can have yourself a virtual tour online.

The online tour shows off every facet of the museum, and the best part is not the amazing quality of it, but also that it costs you nothing but time and bandwidth. How cool is that? What you see below is also a tour of the museum, and it’s only two minutes long, but it still shows off a lot of the amazing Porsche content on display. If you had to walk the same route it would take you much longer. The DJI drone takes a brilliant path through some very special Porsche models, big props to the pilot for a job that was damn well done. It must be pretty hectic on the nerves knowing that you’re not only in control of an expensive drone but also that if you mess up you can damage something that’s valued in the ‘priceless’ category. We’d like to see a follow-up video though because while this short one manages to showcase some spectacular cars, there are actually over 700 cars scattered around the premises, which includes around 200 in racecar-spec. If you’ve ever seen a cooler indoors, motoring-related drone video, let us know, chuck us a link so we can see. If you’re the actual pilot, let’s see some of the set up and gear used.  

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off what can be done when you have yourself the right drone and pilot combination, and of course the most important thing, permission to fly the drone after hours in a museum filled with some of the most priceless Porsche street and racecars ever created, the results can be this good. Not only does the video make us want to fly an FPV drone through unconventional places, it also makes us want to visit the Porsche Museum for an expended period of time: A flight at the Porsche Museum – a very special drone tour | Porsche

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