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When you see Manthey Racing logos on a new-generation Porsche, you know two things. Firstly that the owner likes more than standard performance levels, and secondly that they have more money to play with than most people. The company has been responsible for running GT Works competition car development and tuning for Porsche Motorsport since 2013, and is also known for organising the VLN class Cayman GT4 Trophy the company headlines as well as for circuit-specific preparation of street-legal cars. It’s a proper partnership too, Porsche AG is a 51 % stakeholder in Manthey Racing, run by brothers Nicolas and Martin Raeder. The Manthey Performance Kit for the Porsche Type-992 911 GT3 takes the already impressive on-track performance to a higher level via a host of modifications. These include improvements to the already perfect (in our humble opinion) aerodynamics, the chassis setup, and the braking prowess all while reducing unsprung mass. Combined, the changes carried out offer up a higher level of confidence to help drivers of all skill levels improve. As a result, an example of the upgraded car was able to lap the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife in an astounding time of 6:55.737 minutes – a full 4.19 seconds faster than the standard 911 GT3.

That’s mad fast. While it’s touted as a performance upgrade kit, it actually does nothing for the car’s power figures. Even with the Manthey logos on the car, the fiddling has remained in the suspension, braking and aero. What you see here is still powered by that high-revving, normally aspirated 4.0-litre flat six that created a whopping 375 kW of power with 470 Nm of torque. “Manthey stands for performance at the racetrack, pure and simple. They are not only fierce competitors in motorsport, but revered experts in aerodynamics and vehicle setup,” says Kjell Gruner, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “Starting this year, owners of the current 911 GT3 in the U.S. will be among those able to benefit from that expertise. I hope to see examples this September at Laguna Seca for Rennsport Reunion 7!” Changes include a larger spoiler lip and side flaps, modified air guide elements on the underbody, the swan-neck-supported wing of the 911 GT3 is wider and features a Gurney flap. The end plates have also been enlarged with the wing’s angle of attack, the fins of the rear diffuser are extended and the wheels receive Aerodiscs. There’s also a specially developed 4-way coilover suspension system, braided steel brake lines, and optional racing brake pads. It’s the proper wicked lightweight forged wheels that help reduce the unsprung mass. Over a 90-minute session ( at $1 675!), buyers can compare the Manthey version to a stock version. Nice. The kit can be bought when the car is new or retrofitted on cars already in private garages, for the first time in North America too.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off almost the same Manthey-fettled Porsche used in these fabulous press images, but this one is in motion and driven like it was built to be driven by a man very much up to the task - Chris Harris. What you see here is a serious test session putting the already amazing Porsche 992 GT3 through it's paces, but it features some fettling from Manthey Racing: Chris Harris On The Manthey Racing Porsche 992 GT3 | Collecting Cars

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