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The goodness coming from the huge amount of motoring anniversaries in 2023 continues, and this time we’re back with Porsche who is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and has done a bunch of cool things to celebrate the milestone. We’ve seen special edition cars, racecars, merch - all sorts of amazing Porsche-branded goodies that appeal to brand fanatics and Porsche owners. This time the anniversary takes us to the 2023 Summer Game Fest where all manner of new games are previewed and presented on a worldwide stage. Summer Game Fest was launched in May of 2020 and was set up to unite the entire video game industry for a summer celebration of this billion-dollar industry, featuring digital events, demos, announcements, and breaking news for video game fans. One of the highlights, well for motoring fans anyway, was the announcement of a new collaboration between German auto giant Porsche and computing and gaming top dogs, Microsoft. The collaboration will see a limited edition range of specially branded XBox game consoles that will appeal to gamers and motoring fanatics alike thanks to the artwork being inspired by a host of iconic Porsche racecars seen in competition over the company’s 75 years of awesomeness.

With the collaboration in play, Porsche and Microsoft have created six special finishes for the limited edition XBox run, each one a nod to a specific Porsche racecar livery. These special designs give a tip of the hat to the Salzburg-liveried, Le Mans-winning 917, the well-known 911 GT1, the instantly-recognisable Martini 935 with the iconic blue and rest striping, the blue and green Hippy 917K and the much-loved 1971 Pink Pig 917/20 and one final one that’s based on the Porsche 963 in its recognisable 75th-anniversary livery that recently competed at the 2023 instalment of Le Mans. These special consoles will easily appeal to millions of gaming and motoring fans and could rack up record sales for the companies involved, but there will be just 75 of these consoles up for grabs. This not only means they will be hard to get hold of, but they will also immediately be worth silly money to collectors. If you don’t have six zeros on your bank balance, you can still own one of these consoles thanks to a competition that has a console as the prize. The competition is sadly limited to residents of the USA, UK and Germany, but there are so many local Saffers who have family in these countries that can enter on their behalf. Hey, every chance counts, ok. We’ve used out international contacts to enter, so we have our fingers and toes crossed. If we’re lucky enough to claim the win, we’ll keep the console in its packaging for a year and then put it up for auction or outright swap it for a 1:1 scale Porsche Cayman R…

Take a look at the YouTube video from the recent Summer Games Fest where the announcement was made about a cool new collaboration between German automaker Porsche and Microsoft that will see a range of 75 limited edition consoles up for grabs. They're all themed to represent past famous racing liveries and so will be quite sought after and will likely end up in the hands of the stupidly wealthy instead of hardcore gaming fans, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles: Porsche x Xbox (Announcement) Limited Edition Porsche 75th Xbox Series X | The Nerd Network

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