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It’s no secret, that we’re massive Porsche fans here at SXdrv - if a car has the Porsche crest on it somewhere, it will have our attention. We’re not as clued up on the various models as we’d like to be, but it really is hard to keep up with the long list of variations and models thanks to a plethora of special editions, anniversary editions and limited-number upgraded versions. The 911 is particularly hard to follow, there are currently 26 different versions listed on the main Porsche website, and that’s just for this year’s cars. Some models are quite close together in name and spec, like the GT3 and the GT3 RS. We’ve heard people comment that the GT3 is normally aspirated and the RS version is turbocharged, but that’s not the case. Both GT3 variants feature the normally aspirated 4.0-litre flat-six powerplant but are in slightly different states of tune. The turbocharged one that people are confused by is the GT2. Then there are the Cayman models, the latest and greatest being the Cayman GT4 and GT4 RS models. The Cayman is the smaller sibling to the 911 and has traditionally had engine setups that have a lot less of everything in comparison. That was until someone in the R&D department convinced someone to shoehorn the powerful 4.0-litre into the car. The result is an amazing car that even had some of the world’s most respected motoring press announcing that it was better than the 911. That takes some doing, but it raised the question of how the beefed-up Cayman would fare in a direct comparison, and the Carwow chaps have attempted to answer that for us.

Now we know that the Carwow stuff isn’t very scientific, but it is massively entertaining and shows enough performance of whatever the test car of the day is for us to figure things out. With Porsche cars, especially the models that are at the top of their specific ranges, the abilities and agility are meant for more than just hoofing it in a straight line for 402.3 m. We do like to see the comparisons though. The two Caymans are quite similar, the base GT4 has 420 hp with 430 Nm and the RS version has 500 hp and 450 Nm. With the RS being 15 kg lighter it should be the quicker of the pair. The same 4.0-litre boxer in the 911 has a little more power on tap with the regular GT3 rated at 510 hp and the RS at 525 hp. Interestingly, the lower spec version has 470 Nm of torque on tap, 5 more than the RS. It’s also 15 kg lighter than the RS. The biggest differences come in the pricing, you can have three regular Cayman GT4 models for the price of a single Weissach-optioned GT3 RS. All the cars in this fun test session have power sent to the rear wheels only and use the 7-speed PDK transmission. While our money is on the GT3 RS to win this little shootout, our actual money would go to the GT4 and with all the millions we’d save the car would end up at TMSS Motorsport for some choice upgrades that should see it take on the big daddy 911 GT3 RS, and sound better while doing it.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the Carwow chaps that finally answers the questions motoring fanatics have about the iconic Porsche 911 GT3 and how it would fare up against the monster GT3 RS version - just how much of a difference does the RS badge make? The same question about the Cayman GT4 and GT4 RS is posed and answered in this normally-aspirated battle royale on a UK testing ground: Porsche 911 GT3 RS v GT4 RS v GT3 v GT4: DRAG RACE | carwow

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