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BWM aftermarket brand AC Schnitzer is popular for a reason - their products can completely transform the look of a new BMW all while keeping to BMW’s OEM-level quality. The products can all be retrofitted to an already bought and owned car, or supplied with the bits already fitted by the dealership and the costs absorbed into the car’s finance. The various accessories can also be added one at a time, helping spread the cost over time so that you don’t have to justify costs to your better half and compensate by having to buy a new outfit/jewellery/shoes. The latest incarnation of the BMW M2 is, and let’s be honest here, not the prettiest of cars. In a typical BMW move the new M-car’s styling was a complete left-field and not at all what anyone would have envisioned. Luckily being the baby M means that under the new boxy shape, all the best M Performance designs and components are in play and they combine to afford the car some exceptional performance. With the looks being a bit suspect, the world’s M2 fans have been patiently waiting to see what aftermarket components would be made available for the car that can help improve the aesthetics from a proper BMW supplier/company. We’ve already seen some aftermarket components from a variety of companies, and some do a great job of applying make-up to the car.

The list of parts that are ready for public consumption covers the aesthetics and the interior, and a wee bit for performance. On the aerodynamics front, the list includes a rear roof spoiler, a 2-piece rear spoiler, a carbon "Racing" rear wing with a gurney flap, rear skirt protection foil, a front grill, a front splitter, 4-piece frontside wings, air inlet winglets, side skirts, a rear diffuser, Carbon Sport tailpipes and some AC Schnitzer designs /badging. For the suspension, there’s an option of the AC Schnitzer spring kit or the AC Schnitzer RS 3-way adjustable suspension. The cabin choices include a 365 mm AC Schnitzer sports steering wheel in perforated leather / Alcantara, aluminium gear shift paddles, aluminium pedals, an aluminium footrest, an aluminium key holder and an AC Schnitzer aluminium "Black Line" cover for the BMW iDrive system controller. For power, there will soon be the option of an AC Schnitzer sports exhaust system made of stainless steel and engine optics rated to upgrade the power to 338 kW with a warranty in play. The AC Schnitzer AC4 lightweight forged wheels in Techgold coincidentally arrived with the release of the new parts catalogue for the M2, but they’re available for more than the M2. These new wheels are available in the exact fitment for the BMW M2, BMW M3, BMW M4, BMW M5 and BMW M8.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the track testing of the new AC Schnitzer components fitted to a G87 BMW M2, presumably for real-world testing along with data gathering. These components are given a warranty and are sold through BMW so they need to be perfect by the time they make it to showrooms around the world: Prototype: BMW M2 G87 by AC Schnitzer | acschnitzer1987

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