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The chaps at BMW have been busy lately, we only just brought you news of the new BMW M2 breaking a class record for compact cars around the 20.832-kilometre Nordschleife circuit. It seems like while the company was out testing, they took a few models to play with on the day. The other car that just blitzed the ‘Ring is a little more special than the M2 - the limited-number BMW M3 CS. The new BMW M3 CS promised to be one of the fastest M-badged cars on any given circuit, and it looks like it has delivered on that promise. By adding the CS part to the name, it means the car is lighter than the regular version which is part of the Compact Sport philosophy. In this guise, what you see here is the most powerful production version of the M3 to date and when there’s a claim like that about a car it needs to be backed up with real-world proof of the performance. Powering the CS is a tweaked version of the engine usually found in the car, but not massively. The twin-turbocharged inline-6 in the CS creates a healthy 405 kW of power with torque rated at 650 Nm, which translates to being able to hit 100 km/h in under 4 seconds and has a top speed of 302 km/h. The limited-number car has all the right facts and figures to make it an impressive performer, and this latest video released by BMW M shows the 4-door saloon attacking the iconic German circuit so damn hard that it has managed to set a ridiculously-fast time of 7:28.760 minutes. BMW M development engineer and driver Jörg Weidinger did was what needed.

All the tech on board this limited-edition BMW culminates in a car that’s perfectly poised to eat up a circuit, which is rather impressive considering it’s a 4-door saloon that can be used to carry a family on a countrywide road trip. Besides being able to teach some supercars a lesson or two, the car is a consummate cruiser too. The 8-speed transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive system means the car can easily carve up winding mountain roads while the driver can keep calm and relaxed with the only worry being speed cameras and traffic police. It’s the best M3 ever created, and that makes us a little sad for the one that recently crashed here in South Africa. The car’s production number was to be capped at 1 000 units, and if the car we saw with all its airbags deployed couldn’t be repaired then that means there are now just 999 left - and their value just increased a little. We’ve seen BMW fanatics celebrate this lap time on a few different online chats, some loving the fact that the car is the fastest 4-door car to lap the ‘Ring. Seems people forget when the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT63S posted a ‘Ring lap time of 7:27.800.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing BMW's Jörg Weidinger earning his keep by taking the new limited-number BMW M3 CS around the famed German test circuit in a brilliant time for a 4-door saloon car. It's not quite a record for the class, but it is one of the best M3s to date and has proven the car's worth: THE M3 CS. Fast Lap Nürburgring Nordschleife | BMW M

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