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The Toyota GR Supra has been an instant favourite, a car that’s helped Toyota’s resurgence back into the sports car limelight spurring on the release of a host of Gazoo Racing-fettled cars that more than hold their own in the classes they’re sold in. The GR Supra is available in a couple of different specs, but on the special edition side, we’ve seen quite a few emerge. It seems the best of them come in a cool shade of orange. Not too long ago we saw the release of the limited edition GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition that has a few key details to make it special and stand out from the regular models, and it was given a production cap of 900 units. As the name suggests, this version was released to celebrate 45 years of the iconic Supra nameplate, even though there was an almost 20-year break between the Mk4 and the MK5. For serious competition use, Toyota introduced the full race-spec GR Supra GT4 that was set to compete in GT4-class racing around the world. By the end of 2022, this race-ready had amassed a healthy 79 class victories with 20 outright wins and an amazing 207 podium finishes in official GT4 racing. Now there’s this one that you see here, the uber-limited edition 100 Edition GR Supra, a limited edition model created to celebrate a limited edition model. Interesting. It’s always good to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. We’ve mentioned this car before, but now we know a bit more about it.

One thing we didn’t know was how many of these tribute cars would be made available, and now with just three units planned, the GR Supra GT4 100 Edition has just become the most limited and rarest modern Supra available. The car is aimed solely at the most ardent collectors, and thanks to its rarity will likely never be seen showing off on a track day. While the 100 Edition looks the part and has all the right bits to make it perform well on a circuit, the car isn’t homologated for competition use. This GR is based on the 450 hp GR Supra GT4 EVO, and changes include a larger bonnet vent, new dive plane aerodynamic devices at the front to improve downforce, a proper free-flow open exhaust system, carbon fibre wing mirrors, endurance LED headlights, embroidered "100 Edition" logos on both seats (this car features a passenger seat), a unique badge on the dashboard, a matching car cover and Power Stick that governs the power output of the engine. The three units will only be available in that garish Plasma Orange paint, and the Power Stick comes in a matching colour. These limited-edition 100 Edition cars have been given a price of a whopping €220,000 - or around R4 500 000. We’re guessing that at least one of these will be bought with the sole intention of reselling at a profit, and with just three available there’s a very good chance that we’ll see one sold on auction one day for a fair chunk of change more.

Take a look at the YouTube video from Auto TV showing off this uber-limited-edition 1 of 3 track-prepped Toyota GR Supras that has all the right bits in all the right places to make it a competent track day car, not that one of these will ever see action on track considering there's only three of them in existence. We can only imagine these cars will end up in one monster of a JDM collection that we'd love to see one day: All NEW 2024 Toyota GR Supra GT4 Limited "100 Edition" - FIRST LOOK | Auto TV

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