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On 24 May 1972, the partnership agreement for BMW Motorsport GmbH was signed, which means that things have been in operation for an amazing 50 years. In any industry when you reach a 50-year milestone it’s celebrated in some way or another way. When your main line of business is to produce top of the line performance cars, there is no better way to celebrate your heritage than by creating a limited production run special edition, which in this case is the BMW M 50 Jahre edition of the BMW M3 and M4 sedans. As expected with a limited edition car, have been many small but spectacular details and features added to distinguish the special model from the regular versions available on any BMW showroom floor. The BMW M 50 Jahre edition is based on the current generation BMW M3 and BMW M4.

These BMW M-edition cars have long been the benchmark for others to compare to. When a rival automaker releases a car to compete in the performance market, a commonly asked question is: “Can it beat an M3?” It makes perfect sense when the BMW M3 and M4 models feature that cracking twin-turbocharged straight-six that can produce 375 kW (510 hp). This massive OEM power can be had with a choice of a 6-speed manual transmission or a sublime 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic, or even have that power fully variably distributed amongst all four wheels using BMW’s M xDrive technology.

To make these BMW M 50 Jahre edition models stand out, some tasteful modifications have been done. In Europe and other selected regions, the 2-door BMW M 50 Jahre edition is available in the Carbon Black, Macao Blue, Brands Hatch Grey, Imola Red and San Marino Blue, which are all amazing and impossible to choose a favourite for this SXdrv chap. To further enhance these visually striking paint options, prospective buyers have the option of adding in a set of 19-inch M forged wheels up front with upsized 20-inch wheels at the rear. These forged wheels feature a double-spoke design that compliments the body contours, and to make the limited edition units even more bespoke, these wheels can be optioned in Orbit Grey Matt and Gold Bronze matt, a first for M Division.

In a new venture of sorts, another limited number production run of the BMW M4 Coupe is being produced for the automaker’s Chinese market, and here there’s the option of Fire Orange or Stratus Grey paint. There’s a reason behind the colours, the anniversary of BMW M is being celebrated in the Chinese Year of the Tiger - how cool is that? Also being different, the M forged wheels on the Chinese models are finished in matt Orbit Grey for the Fire Orange option, and in matt Gold Bronze on the Stratus Grey paint finish.

Inside these amazing bespoke, limited edition BMW M models, changes include door sill panels with “Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” emblazoned, a metal plaque for the centre console that states “M4 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” (the same in the M3) and there’s also a matching imprint on the headrests of the standard M sports seats, and even on the optional and absolutely awesome M carbon bucket seats.

The BMW M3 was designed exclusively for the US and Canadian markets with a choice of five paint finishes for the 500 available units; Cinnebar Red, Techno Violet, Interlagos Blue, Fire Orange and Limerock Grey. These are paired with M forged wheels in Orbit Grey matt and a bunch of BMW M Performance Parts like a BMW M Performance front splitter in Carbon, a BMW M Performance rear spoiler in Carbon and the BMW M Performance tailpipe trims in Carbon/Titanium.there’s also “Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” on the door sill trims and M stripes feature on the headrests, the seats also get an exclusive seam pattern for both the standard M sports seats and the optional M carbon bucket seats. This one also gets a  metal plaque on the centre console with the inscription “M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” and the reference “1/500”.

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