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The Red Bull Driftbrothers, Eli and Joe have amassed quite the following, and we’re sure that fanbase is set to increase tenfold if they keep on doing awesome things like this. After an invite to show off their awesome BMW M4 drift cars at a brand new exhibit called “The Road to the Championship” in the Red Bull World of Racing at the Swiss Museum of transport. The Driftbrothers campaign a pair of well-sorted Red Bull Motorsports-liveried BMW M4s that are pretty damn cool to look at, and way more fun to be in. The duo got to play on some amazing paved surfaces in some of the most iconic locations around the Swiss Alps in a sort of Tour de Suisse. The Red Bull Motorsports BMWs were allowed to lay down rubber from Lugano over the picturesque Nufenen and Furka Passes all the way through to the Swiss Museum of Transport that’s located in Lucerne.

These days when the likes of Red Bull Motorsport create content like this, not only do we see some of the best filming and editing available that will (usually) ensure that things go viral, the big bosses that sit and plan these things often like to add in something a little more spectacular and record-setting in some way. For this epic road trip, things were the same and so when the Driftbrothers aimed their BMW M4s up the Nufenen Pass they managed to set a new World Record.  Yeah, by drifting these cars way up high at an altitude of 2478 metres, the pair also managed to set the record for the highest drift in motorsport history. That’s pretty damn cool if you ask us.

As usual this is one properly amazing piece of filming, the amount of planning and effort, not to mention the budget needed, to make this drift video must have been mind-boggling to arrange. Purely on the public liability and permission side of things. months must have gone into this. We thank the Red Bull Motorsports crew, we love living vicariously through you! These screenshots look like they were digitally created for some or other gaming platform - just wow!

Take a look at the YouTube video showing the famous Red Bull DriftBrothers absolutely shredding some of the most amazing Alpine roads there are while on the way to Red Bull event: Drifting Through Some of the Best Alpine Passes in Switzerland | Red Bull Motorsports

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