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Much to the dismay of automotive fans the world over, electric vehicles are not only here, but they’re also able to offer up both economy and performance in ways that the internal combustion engine simply cannot match. If you do an online search for the latest electric vehicle news, you’ll likely notice that the overwhelming majority of articles that pop up will be centred around cars. That’s where all the current focus is, but in the same way electric vehicles are rewriting the story of the car, the same is happening to motorbikes. Thanks to some electric motors being compact and lightweight, they work well in directing power to a single wheel. It makes sense because in car setups we often find each wheel is powered by a single electric motor. So with a lightweight motor and all lightweight components used to build a bike, it can offset the weight that batteries add to the overall weight of the bike. It’s trickier with bikes too, the centre of gravity needs to be such that the bike can not only run well in a straight line, but it also has to be maneuverable so that the rider can carve through traffic and mountain passes with the same ease.

This here Verge TS features an Integrated Rim Motor, which means there’s no chain, belt, oils or filter, which means maintenance is pretty much a thing of the past. The hubless wheel is just a different way of getting the electric motor to drive the rear wheel, but it has the kind of looks we expect from a futuristic electric bike. There’s a powerful and compact 20.2 kWh in play that offers up 300 km of range (100 km range is available from a short 15-minute charge) from a 4.5-hour charge time. This setup is able to propel the Verge TS to a top speed of 180 km/h, which is fast enough for now, but it can also hit 100 km/h in less than 4-seconds. These are impressive specs already, so you can only imagine where electric bikes will be in a year or two.

The integrated electric motor in the Verge TS is impressive for its size, the power output is rated at 80 kW (107 hp) with torque up at an absolutely mind-boggling 1000 Nm. That’s more than most supercars have available these days, only the most expensive and rarest have more torque - and that’s for a flat, 4-wheels-on-the-ground-car! These stats are hard to comprehend, so we’re loving this real-world test of the all-electric Verge TS. Let us know your thoughts on EVs.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows just how powerful electric motors can make a two-wheeled transporter. Torque is always better than kilowatts or horsepower, and electric motors have completely changed the game, allowing ridiculous amounts to be fed to a single wheel : More Torque than a Ferrari?! Verge hubless electric motorbike
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