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What is there to not like about an electric car? They have instant torque, are better for the environment and you even pay a far lower tax over them, but they are by no means perfect...yet.

Some people still shy away from the idea of an electric car, not necessarily for what it is but rather for the potential inconvenience and lack of charging infrastructure.

The biggest concern is the lack of charging stations, but it's just a matter of time until each and every petrol station will have charging points installed as well.

Even if there is an abundance of charging stations, nobody wants to have to wait a considerable amount of time in order for their vehicle's battery to charge up so they can hit the road again.

But this all is going to change very soon...

A company by the name of StoreDot is currently manufacturing batteries for electric scooters and electronics that have the ability to fully charge in just a couple of minutes! In recent news headlines, they have now got backing from companies such as BP to start manufacturing car batteries that charge fully in around five minutes or so.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Auto Trader, on How Electric Car Batteries Will Charge In 5 Minutes

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