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When iconic motoring brands reach milestones, they usually get all creative and produce a special edition, and when the stars align we end up with an amazing special edition that becomes even more special than others. The BMW M4 is a beast of a car in original form, but with BMW’s M Division celebrating their 50th anniversary it was chosen to be the car that will wear the iconic CSL badge. If you know anything about cars, then you’ll know that a BMW CSL gets all the best bits the company offers all wrapped up in an amazing package that sports looks, performance and is produced in limited numbers. This ensures the car’s desirability remains high and that its value will always increase. A CSL usually ends up in private collections, but at the same time owners often actually use them for weekend track day fun too making it one of the few limited edition cars that gets used as intended. That has to be the best way to ensure the hype around the CSL badge is real.

The acronym CSL is for “Competition, Sport, Lightweight” and thanks to new technologies and processes, the BMW M4 has been trimmed and tucked in all the right places, the rear seats are non-existent and the motor has seen a tweaking with a bunch of things inspired by another iconic BMW, the M4 GT3. Of course, it’s under that hood where some proper magic happens, the usual twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder is in play, and the tuning has seen the boost level rise from 1.7 bar to a much higher 2.1 bar, and we all know that raising the boost raises the power and so this limited edition BMW M4 CSL now produces 405 kW (550 hp) with torque up at a very decent 650 Nm. The engineers decided that the M4 CSL should not weigh more than 1 625 kg, and this gives a brilliant power to weight ratio of 4.01 kg per kilowatt.

As said, light weight is even in the name of the car, and that’s why there’s only two M Carbon full bucket seats, deleted seat belt mechanisms, extra-lightweight M Carbon ceramic brakes as well as a set of specially created lightweight alloys, springs and struts. Soundproofing was swapped to ultra-lightweight sound insulation and some components are now made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic to save even more weight - the roof, bonnet and boot lid are also produced with this lightweight high-tech material - even the centre console is too. A titanium rear silencer saves weight in the exhaust system and some small detail modifications to the BMW kidney grille, rear lights, floor mats and automatic climate control shave off even more weight.

A CSL needs to be instantly recognisable from other cars in the same model range, and so this BMW M4 CSL features an exclusive exterior paint finish called Frozen Brooklyn Grey metallic as standard, and it works great with the exposed carbon-fibre surfaces and red accents. There’s even a choice, customers have the option to specify their new BMW M4 CSL in Alpine White solid or Sapphire Black metallic - but why would you? The surfaces of the indents are highlighted additionally by red outlines, they also emphasise to the fins on the CFRP roof of the new BMW M4 CSL, the contours of its side sills, the black model badges, and the model-specific CFRP splitters and air curtain inserts in the front apron. The optional BMW Laserlight headlights in yellow that actually shine yellow when unlocking the doors and when the low and high beams are switched on - an homage to GT racing cars. The LED rear lights of the new BMW M4 CSL now feature glass covers with intricate light threads woven into them that are illuminated using laser technology that creates a highly distinctive light signature that is recognisable from a long distance. Also specified as standard are the tasty 19 / 20-inch forged M light-alloy wheels in an exclusive cross-spoke design, fitted with high-performance tyres specially developed for the M4 CSL in size 275/35 ZR19 and 285/30 ZR20 respectively.

In test runs on the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring, the BMW M4 CSL posted the fastest lap times ever for a series-produced BMW car. The car ran the 20.600 km circuit (not including the straight at section T13) and it stopped the clock at 7 min. 15.677 seconds, the official lap time for the 20.832-kilometres circuit (the complete lap) was 7 min. 20.207 sec. The car can accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.7-seconds, and 200 km/h comes up in an equally impressive 10.7-seconds. This thing is fast! Take a look at the YouTube video of the all-new BMW M4 CSL showing exactly what that special CSL badge means and how it relates to the outright performance and handling : THE M4 CSL. Record Lap Nordschleife | BMW M

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