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Sometimes it seems as though BMW brings out a new version of their 3-Series sedan every few months. Of course, it’s not that short a time in between new models and updates, but it sure does feel like it. The 3-Series is the bread and butter model for the automaker, it’s the one that sells more units worldwide than any other, it’s the steadfast model that’s been around since your granddad’s days, and will be here in your grandkid’s days too. It’s the model that actually needs to have as many updates as possible in every part of the car so that it remains the segment choice for buyers. If the 3-Series is continually offering up amazing technological innovations with an expansive tech and option list, then there’s no need for current BMW owners to look at other brands. #THE3 is also often the model that acts as an entry into the BMW brand, and so to keep people within the brand, this first buyer/owner experience needs to be as special as possible.

Thankfully (depending on where your feelings are on the subject, of course) this version of the 3-Series doesn’t see fitment of that monstrous grille, that styling looks set to be reserved for the ///M Performance models. Even so, this new BMW 3-Series does sport a set of redesigned headlights with a much sleeker and sharper-looking grille that’s still in the original iconic BMW kidney grille design that now features a new honeycomb pattern. One of the options for the new BMW 3-Series, or most modern versions of the sedan, is the M Sport styling package, and in this case it includes a Pro option that includes an M High-gloss Shadowline trim with an M Sport braking system that sports red callipers - and we all know red calipers means fast.

The interior has also been treated to some tasty updates, there is a plethora of things that have changed and been improved upon over the outgoing model, most outstanding has to be that amazing new curved display that spans a fair bit of the dashboard. This new BMW Curved Display features a rich 12.3-inch information display behind the steering wheel, and joining that is an amazing control display with a screen diagonal of 14.9 inches that creates a fully digital experience. BMW iDrive has also been updated and now has the latest generation of the BMW Operating System and it features more touch control with fewer buttons. This is amazing, but does make you wonder what happens if you pick up a dead pixel in that setup.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows what changes have taken place to the BMW 3-Series, the company's bread and butter model: The new BMW 3 Series| BMW

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