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This is one of those videos that warms the heart. It’s a story of acceptance, triumph, second chances and going sideways as fast as possible while making tyres scream for their lives. We’ve come a long way since the A90 Toyota Supra was first unveiled to the performance car market and it broke the internet because it was fitted with a BMW powerplant. Toyota purists from around the world assembled with pitchforks and trolled internet forums and social media attacking the credibility of anyone who dared to say the BMW B58 engine was good enough for the Supra badge. These thousands of fanatics who never have and never will drive any version of a Supra were not happy, and buyers of the new generation Toyota Supra quickly scrapped the BMW setup in favour of the original 2JZ from the Mk4 Supra, you know, taking a massive step backwards in technology. It wasn’t long before these BMW B58 powerplants were seen making more power - big power. Bigger than 2JZ power, especially considering the amount of time the platform was available to make big power compared to the OG 2JZ. The amount of people complaining about having a BMW-powered Supra soon started to fade, and the B58 is turning into a legend in its own right.

This new popularity, and the fact that the same engine is available in a slew of different performance BMW cars means there’s a new generation of rivalry too. Fans of German things can be closely matched with fans of Japanese things. We’ve seen countless Toyota GT86 builds from around the world making use of the original 2JZ powerplant, many averaging a cool 1000 hp, but the 2JZ isn’t as readily available as it once was. This is the first time we’re seeing the smaller sports Toyota, and a newer GR86 at that, with a like for like engine swap featuring the B58 lump.

When all the internet was complaining about a weak BMW motor wearing their beloved Supra nameplate. Legendary drag racer and engine builder Stephan Papadakis decided to check for himself and made a YouTube series tearing down a B58 from the Supra and rebuilding it to be a healthy and reliable 1000 hp drift missile for Fredric Aasbo's 1000hp A90. It was this package that was developed further and then shoehorned into this GR86 piloted by Jhonnattan Castro. This is the world's first B58-swapped GR86, and we’re sure it’s not going to be the last.

Take a look at the YouTube video that goes against the grain and sees the new gen A90 GR Supra lump actually being swapped INTO something else: B58-Swapped Toyota GR86: Jhonnattan Castro's Newest Formula Drift Machine
| Larry Chen

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