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When you first think of cars and fast food, the only real link could be the word ‘fast’. That is until you sit and think about it for a minute. When a bunch of car guys get together to talk cars and whatever else life throws at them, it’s quite common for the meeting spot to be at a takeaway joint or the parking lot of a late-night establishment. It’s the same for when you’re either leaving for home from a night at the club or event from some or other race meet, it’s rare to head straight home, these routes usually involve a stop off somewhere for some late-night snacks and drinks. The folk at 7-Eleven know this all too well thanks to years of experience backed up by silly antics on surveillance systems. It’s with this knowledge that they dedicated to putting together a competition aimed purely at car people, with the added bonus that the competition could covert non-car people into car people who would also enter a win-a-car competition.

The PR chaps decided that while giving a car away was a good idea, it would be an even better idea to get feedback from customers so that they could tastefully (see what I did there?) customise the giveaway car to be something that the customers would want. I mean anyone would love to win a Ford Mustang, but a customised 1 of 1 Ford Mustang is something that may eventually be quite a sought after car. The ideas that rolled in were shown off through the company’s Instagram stories, and as things were done to the car, the modifications were also shared via their social media channels. The prize 7-Eleven Ford Mustang Model 711 was built by Galpin Auto Sports, and if you recognise that name then you were likely a fan of Pimp My Ride at some point, you know, back when Xzibit was still cool...

The Model 711 Mustang has been treated to all manner of strange modifications, and we like it. The exterior features that 7-Eleven colour scheme, which runs into the interior and is also seen on the upholstery. The bodywork remains largely unchanged, there are just some tasty wheels on, although the front grille now sports a Night Owl instead of a Mustang, because 7-Eleven appeals to those who roam the streets at night. Adding slogans like "Another One Bites the Crust, "Built for Speed & Snacks," and "Need for Slurpee" is cheesy, but it works for the theme. In the cabin, things are just as weird. There’s a Slurpee-shaped gear shifter, a snack holder in the shape of a wedge purely for keeping a slice of pizza safe while the scent of coffee wafts through the cabin. That last one is yet to be decided, the Model 711 Mustang may well end up smelling like a taquito.

To be even more up to date with the world of fast and modified cars, 7-Eleven collaborated with Rocket League in-game and so there are now six exclusive 7-Eleven-themed Rocket League in-game items available for players to use to customise their own virtual Mustangs (and other cars) in the game. Options here include items based on some of the favourite items from the 7-Eleven menu, including an animated decal that looks like a classic Slurpee drink, and an antenna with a Big Bite hot dog.

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