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There was a time in racing that you’ve probably heard about from your dad, or even your granddad, when sex was safe and acing was dangerous - Group B rally. Group be was absolutely mad, the cars ran on stupid boost levels, on special fuels and with mods that bent all the rules. The cars in Group B were ridiculously powerful and fast, even by today’s standards. The cars were actually more hectic than the fans who used to block the roads and only move at the last second. Everyone who’s delved into anything about Group B has likely heard about that story of the severed fingers. On one race, when the Peugeot team got the car into the service area, they found severed fingers in one of the side cooling ducts, the result of spectators trying to touch the cars as they sped past. That was Group B for you - too fast to race. This is why when the SXdrv crew sees anything Group B-related we get all giddy.

In this piece of amazing content from Ken Block, we see the driving-mad man once again visit Europe to play with fast cars, starting with a monster of an EV in the form of an Audi e-Tron. You’ll notice that most of Ken’s new content is centered around Audi thanks to the relatively new partnership he has with the brand. It’s a great win-win deal because Audi gets to access the millions of Ken Block and Hoonigan fans directly, and Ken gets to mess around with all the newest cars from the automaker, specifically the electric vehicles. It’s a clever attempt to get fans of dead dinosaur-powered setups to actually give electric vehicles a second chance. It must be said that the powerful and fast all-electric Audi e-Tron looked like loads of fun to chuck around at speed, having all 590 of those horses let completely loose in the snow has got to be a bucket list item.

The main reason to check out this YouTube video is that amazing, freshly restored Audi Quattro A2 Group B Rally car. These cars ran in 1983/1984 and they did some damage to the competition thanks to the boosted 5-cylinder Audi lump under the hood, which was good for a claimed 350 - 370 hp with 450 Nm of torque, although many swear that these cars made a lot more power than that during races and it was only during testing that the “lower” power was made. The Audi Quattro all-wheel drive system was the secret weapon that afforded the car brilliant handling over a variety of surfaces superior to the cars with power only directed to one end. Many rear wheel-drive cars of the era were also ridiculously fast, but none could dance as well as the Quattro could.

Even on a frozen lake, this almost 40-year old classic Audi Quattro A2 shines. Of course it helps that the car has received a nut and bolt restoration so everything works as it did back when the likes of Hannu Mikkola and the equally legendary Michèle Mouton, the unofficial First Lady of Rally. While it was guaranteed to be fun throwing the all-electric e-Tron around on the ice lake, the old school racer comes with that brilliant 5-pot symphony that only Audi can create.

Take a look at the YouTube video where we get to see Ken Block thrash an old school, iconic Group B rally Quattro, below: Ken Block Flat Out and Sideways in Group B Rally Cars with JP Performance! | Ken Block

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