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The 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R is the Audi RS6 to rule them all.

ABT is a German automotive tuning company, and they just got their fingers stuck into the 2020 Audi RS6... and the outcome is absolutely, exquisitely breathtaking! ABT transformed the 2020 Audi RS6 into what they call the Audi RS6-R Sportline.

The 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R gets a whole new modern and almost futuristic exterior look, and a serious power boost to an astonishing 740 horsepower from its twin-turbocharged V8 monster of an engine. The 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R has officially reclaimed the title of being the worlds fastest and most powerful station wagon that you can buy and drive to church on Sundays. And, with that said, visually, it is a true piece of art as well.

ABT has given the all-new 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R an engine boost by upgrading the brains of the 2020 RS6 with their ABT power R ECU tuning software, which squeezes out more performance from the stock Audi RS6 twin-turbocharged V8. The most restrictive factory part of any car has to be the exhaust system, so ABT replaced the factory Audi RS6 exhaust with a full high flow stainless steel system, with four carbon tailpipes, to maximize the exhaust flow and performance, and to allow the V8 symphony to be sung a lot louder!

All the work done by ABT comes together to produce a smacking 740 horsepower, with a rocket-ship worthy 679 pound-feet of incredible torque! ABT claims that the 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R will do the 0-60mph time in an eye-blinking 3.2 seconds, which is 0.4 seconds quicker than the stock 2020 Audi RS6 Avant. This doesn't sound like much, but what you have to keep in mind is that, while it's quite achievable to shave off a few seconds at high 0-60mph times – like from 10 seconds to 9 seconds – it's much more difficult with high-performance cars like this 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R. The faster the car is, the more work you have to do to shave fractions of seconds off the 0-60mph times.

All this extra ABT power is transferred through an eight-speed automatic gearbox to Audi's all-wheel-drive Quattro system. The 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R is claimed to reach a top speed of 199mph or (320km/h), which is 9mph faster than the stock 2020 Audi RS6 Avant.

ABT says that they will only be manufacturing 125 samples of this legendary 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R, and they will cost $184,000, which is a cringe-worthy $75,000 over and above the standard 2020 Audi RS6 Avant price.

Now, $75,000 is a hell of a lot of money for just a software tune and exhaust, but what ABT has also done for the 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R is a lot of attention to detail, with carbon fibre trimmings, add-ons and incredible aerodynamic body kit. The front of the 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R receives a fresh spoiler lip and grille. ABT has also given the RS6-R new fender inserts, as well as new custom side skirts, which all come together to give the 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R a more aggressive, meaner and race orientated look and feel. The rear receives a lightweight aerodynamic boot spoiler, rear diffuser and sci-fi-like winglets. The RS6-R also receives newly designed side mirrors and a few extra cosmetic touches here and there.

ABT also offer an all-wheel steering system for the 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R as an optional extra, for enhanced stability and control at high speeds and around the track.

Not to mention, the 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R also receives a new pair of running shoes with an exclusive set of bespoke ABT 22" wheels, which are wrapped in what ABT calls performance rubber. The wheels are created by using a specialised "flow-forming" process, which is also used in its suspension engineering for the 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R. The 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R also receives coilover suspension, and is designed to offer both comfortability and racing performance stability, as well as anti-roll bars to maximize handling and control.

The 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R is an extremely limited edition of the standard 2020 Audi RS6 Avant. It is essentially the same car, but when ABT gets their paws on an Audi, they make it come alive and, essentially, give the car an egressive personality with outstandingly good looks!

Take a look at the video below from ABT which showcases the stunning new 2020 ABT Sportline Audi RS6-R.

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