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Concept cars are great, especially in this day and age. Concept cars usually look very futuristic and over the top, a great way to garner interest in then. Back in the day a concept car that eventually made it into production would look nothing like the version that actually greenlit the project, and in most cases the interest in said car falls off a little because the end result is too far away from what was “promised”. These days the manufacturing process make it easy to bring the artistic renderings of concept cars into reality, CAD design, 3D printing and advancement in composite materials mean that even the most complicated curves and lines can be made. In this case we see the DEUS Vayanne concept car, which is great going to have a concept ready to present to the world just two years after the company was founded. Of course, this can be a bit of a double-edged sword sometimes. It’s always good to show off what you can do, but then at the same time if you show off and won't deliver, a-la Lyken Hypersport - big fanfare, bigger promises and that’s about it.

Predicting power figures and performance specs could be a good thing, but car people are a fickle bunch and so if the concept car in question doesn’t produce the predicted results when it makes production, it will be torn apart online. Again, that Lyken story has a fair bit to do with this. For this Vayanne concept, which is to be a proper plug-in electric vehicle, power is predicted at 1 640 kW (2 200 hp) with torque at a massive 2 000 Nm, and this should be enough for the car to hit 100 km/h in less than 2-seconds before hitting the top speed that should see the concept flying at over 400 km/h (248 mph). Should. For now these are just claims and not actual figures, so we hope that when a pre-production model is in play that it can actually do what’s claimed. 
The Austrian DEUS Vayanne concept has an interesting name, especially if you’re saying it with an English accent or you’re not clued up on Austrian things. DEUS is the company name as you can tell, but Vayanne is named as such because it sounds like the German way of saying Vienna, the Austrian capitol. The styling is great, if it does indeed make it to full-blown production, this will be one of the prettiest electric hypercars to date. Those looks are courtesy of a partnership with well known automotive designers Italdesign, it’s clear they know what they’re doing. Plans are to produce 99 DEUS Vayanne units, and the company has said that a working prototype should be ready by 2025.

With the DEUS Vayanne pegged to have that working prototype ready by 2025, the company has to remember that three years in the electric vehicle space is pretty much the same as that of smart phones, every six months there's an update or new release, and so the planned 2000+ hp may only be mid-range in the power stakes which means this will not be the fastest EV hypercar. If the likes of Koenigsegg stop R&D today, the company may catch up, but this and similar companies who already have fast EVs in production should have moved the bar even further.

Take a look at the YouTube video about the DEUS Vayanne from Austria and see if it's worth of the title of the fastest EV to date, below: DEUS Vayanne - Austria's 2243 hp Insane New Electric Hypercar! | Electric Vehicles Space.

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