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The all-new NIssan Z car had its debut while back already, and there was loads of online hype when that yellow pre-production model did the rounds with just about every YouTube car channel there is in the States, and some other countries too. After all the fighting about whether the car is called the 400Z seeing as it’s a direct follow on from the 370Z, or whether it’s simply called the Nissan Z, there’s still no clear consensus. Those weird types who can recite all manner of specs and manufacture dates and torque setting will swear by the plain Z nomenclature, we’ll just call it the 400 because we can, but the right way and the most common will no doubt be 400Z, especially with the car’s predecessors including the 280Z, 300ZX, 350Z and the most recent 370Z. For more than fifty years now, Nissan has been producing the range of Z cars to purposefully put driving pleasure into sports cars that are actually affordable by driving fanatics the world over. Well, these days what is affordable to one is purely aspirational to another. In the US it’ll be roughly $50k, which is way up at almost R800k, with added taxes that would still be added by the automaker themselves to get them to local dealerships will be closer to R1mil mark.

It was just the other day that the Nissan Z, the seventh generation already, was officially unveiled in full production car trim and spec, and already the crew from Kondor has managed to visit the expansive Nissan production plant in Tochigi, Japan to see the manufacturing process. It’s here we see the Z car using the same platform as the outgoing 370Z, and it’s the first one to not officially have a number in the name, but as we mentioned, the unofficial 400 works for us. In this case we can use that 400 confidently because that’s also the Nissan factory’s claimed power rating for the twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 powerplant, so it makes sense. Although knowing the tuner culture types who will no doubt already have their deposits paid to be among the first to receive one when they hit the dealership floors, that 400 hp figure will last for the first tank of fuel before upgrades raise the numbers.
Mated to that twin-turbocharged V6, the Nissan 400 has a 6-speed manual complete with an uprated high-performance Exedy clutch along with the option of a 9-speed automatic Jatco transmission for those that grew up on PlayStation and are afraid of cog-swapping. There’s also a composite carbon-fibre drive shaft in play, making it look like the Nissan techs are actually fans of the aftermarket tuning options out there. Test figures are still to be officially released, but all the things on paper suggest the Nissan Z will be able to hit 100 km/h from a standstill in as little as 4.5-seconds.

So far, when it comes to the SXdrv local market, it doesn't look like the Nissan Z car, the 400, will see sales here. It's a pity, and we know that fans of the brand won't be happy, especially if they want performance, there's only the GT-R 35 available, and that's not friendly on price. "As part of the Nissan NEXT strategy announced in 2020, which is a key pillar in driving sustainable growth goals, Nissan SA adopted the rationalisation of part of its product portfolio. As a result, Nissan will not be launching the Nissan Z in South Africa upon the end of production of the 370Z. Current customers of the iconic 370Z will continue to be supported with quality after sales services." said a Nissan SA representative.

Take a look at the YouTube video about the production and assembly of the all-new Nissan Z car due for worldwide release in 2023 (although there will be plenty running around in 2022) below: Nissan Z Production in Japan | Inteligent Factory | Kondor

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