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With Nissan unveiling the latest sportscar addition to its lineup, here is why you're going to love the 400Z.

Nissan showcased their Z Proto, or 400Z, if you like, a few months back. It wasn't one of those cars that you either love or hate, it was very well received, regardless of its rather peculiar looking front end and retro looking tail lights. It was appreciated for a few things that run far deeper into the roots of why we love cars in the first place, and Nissan absolutely nailed it!

The Nissan 400Z is, without a doubt, a driver's car. With its low centre of gravity, front-mounted turbocharged V6, 50/50 weight distribution and, probably the biggest surprise, it will be coming in a 6-speed manual transmission which will keep you as engaged with the raw sensation of what driving enjoyment is all about.

Although the Nissan 400Z is still a prototype, the feedback and interest in the car in its current form has been amazing, so we highly doubt they will be changing much before it goes into production.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Fitment Industries, on Why You're Going To Love The Nissan 400Z.

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