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A tuning company is now offering a manual gearbox swop for the new Toyota Supra.

Since before the new Toyota Supra was even launched, there was a lot of speculation, scepticism and opinions flying around the internet, not always positive either, and it's most definitely not about the looks of the new Toyota Supra either – that's for sure!

You know exactly what we're talking about, it's the collaboration with BMW that got most people up in arms. Even though the new BMW Z4 is vastly different to the Toyota Supra, they do share some similarities. One being the auto gearbox being the default without a manual option. Yes, manual gearboxes are dying a horrible death amongst normal day-to-day road cars, but manual gearboxes still have their place in the automotive world.

A Texan tuning and modification company realised the need for manual gearboxes amongst A90 Toyota Supra owners and enthusiasts, and is now offering a full manual conversion for around $12,000... With that said though, and Toyota Supra owners are not going to like this, the Manual gearbox parts are from BMW too!

The process and engineering for a manual gearbox swop are indeed intricate but, over time, this offer will most definitely prove to become very popular amongst Toyota Supra owners – if the one thing they wish they could have is a manual gearbox as opposed to the eight-speed automatic transmission from Toyota. And, now you can!

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