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There’s that old saying: “Everything’s bigger in Texas” and it’s almost as if the crew at Hennessey Performance use it as a motto judging by the things coming out of their premises just west of Houston. Texas. We’re used to seeing creations with way more power than is necessary, which is just the way we like it here at SXdrv too, but at Hennessey Performance that do the same to the wheels, adding more than is necessary with their range of monstrous 6x6 trucks. We’ve seen the Ford version, the F150 Raptor 6x6 a.k.a the VelociRaptor, and that was followed up by the Dodge version, the Ram TRX, a truck that dwarfs most things out there. It’s a colossal beast in every sense of the phrase. The big daddy of the conversions on offer is the Mammoth that was given a serious once-over by Hennessey’s engineers who managed to upgrade the already great performance of the Dodge Ram TRX engine to have 1, 012 hp on tap, a good 300 hp over stock. The torque increases to a much needed 1,314 Nm, it's amazing that there's a drivetrain to handle it all.

This Mammoth 1000 conversion is available for close to $500 000, and as you can see from everything that’s gone into the build, it’s money well spent. The best of the best components available have been used, and when the best wasn’t good enough, things were custom made by Hennessey. This is the conversion anyone of means can have. The latest incarnation of this Mammoth project takes the monster truck from an already ridiculously powerful level to one that’s unheard of - making it the biggest and most powerful truck in Hennessey Performance's 29-year history. By swapping out the engine used in the Dodge Ram TRX, the already legendary supercharged V8 called the Hellcat with a stock rating of 702 hp (before the Hennessey fiddling), for a Hellephant engine, the power level jumps by an easy 200 hp. It’ll be a specially tuned 7.0-litre V8 that will crank out over 1 200 hp!
The Mammoth 6x6 will be the pinnacle of what over the top looks like, in every department. While the “regular” 1000 hp version can be had by just about anyone who has the means, this new version that aims to pump out a massive 1200 hp, will see a limited edition run of just three examples. If the super rich in the US don’t snap these up quick, we reckon in a few weeks after release we’ll see them in a UAE car collection. The Hennessey Performance 6x6 trucks delivered to date have had impressive numbers, there’s already twenty Ford VelociRaptor 6x6 and twenty Chevy Goliath 6x6 versions out there. “We are very excited about the Ram TRX,” said company founder and CEO, John Hennessey. “Mammoth 6x6 powered by a 1200 HP Hellephant motor is just a completely ridiculous idea, which is exactly why we are doing this. We are only going to build three examples which will likely make this the most exclusive and most expensive truck we’ve ever built… Everything we do at Hennessey Performance is turned up to 11, but the Mammoth 1000 6×6 is definitely turned up to 12! Everything on the Mammoth 6×6 is bigger, badder, and more imposing – plus, it’s still super-fast, while being a total powerhouse off-road. It’s the undisputed king of the road.”
The upgrades to the Hennessey Performance Ram TRX Mammoth 6x6 1200 gets more than just an engine swap, there’s an extensive list of modifications to make up that half a million dollar price tag. Hennessey Performance lists the upgrades to a stock RX as:  

• Upgraded High-Flow Supercharger System
• Supercharger Front Drive Pulley Upgrade
• Supercharger Rear Drive Pulley Upgrade
• Crank Damper Pin Assembly Upgrade
• Upgraded Thermostat
• Heavy Duty Supercharger Belt
• Upgraded Spark Plugs
• High-Flow Fuel Injectors
• High-Flow Filtration System
• CrankCase Ventilation System
• HPE ECM Calibration Upgrade
• HPE TCM Calibration Upgrade
• All Necessary Gaskets & Fluids
• Third Axle with Lockable Diff
• Extended Wheelbase and Bed
• Hennessey Embroidered Headrests
• Serial Number Plaques
• Mammoth Custom Front Bumper
• Mammoth Custom Rear Bumper
• LED Lights in Front Bumper
• 20-inch Hennessey 10-Spoke Wheels
• 37-inch Off-Road Tires
• Front Levelling Kit
• Upgraded Electronic Fold Out Steps
• Hennessey & MAMMOTH Exterior Badges

Take a look at the YouTube video about the completely mad and amazing RAM TRX Mammoth below: Hellephant-Swapped 6x6 RAM TRX // HELLEPHANT MADNESS | Hennessey Performance

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